Monday, March 30, 2009

I wonder

I am noticing that in most of the talent hunts, if the judges do not praise the participants - who are beginners, definitely have the raw material, (read talent) but which needs to be honed to become proper artistes of a certain quality - if there is no praise happening from the judges if a participant is deemed unfit in one particular round, then the judges and the show (if its an online event) are criticized, by the participants and their parents as well sometimes.
Talent today is definitely dime a dozen, but I have been brought up and have had the good fortune of being in the exalted company of refined musicians and more than anything else I have been brought up by one. I have been taught that a musician should always be in the readiness of a student and more than all that, students of any art form should not be subjected to praise in the nascent stages. And somehow, encouragement and praise seems to be confused now. I wonder if encouraging a musician requires sky high praise. The words "stalwart", "genius" is used very easily to describe younglings.
Great Gurus have almost never said a word of appreciation, though that amount of stoic behaviour might even be called corporal punishment these days, the maximum that they have done is probably give a wee bit of a smile or just a "hmm". Not more. This, makes the student yearn for that word of appreciation from the Guru and other learned musicians that they strive hard to be worthy of that honour. In about the same way, I have noticed several families asking the children to clear out of the area where elders congregate to talk. Childen/young adults were perhaps allowed to be their age and the onus was given on learning and education alone. Family set-ups made sure that the youngsters of the house did not indulge or subject themselves to anything that is frivolous in nature.
And now, I wonder if also this endless complimenting is encouraging insolence. At the same time, I have also noticed that the masters are not really bothered about the goings-on and nor do they discuss this phenomenon, if I may call it that. Very zen-like, they say, depending on the path one treads, its easy to figure out where someone might end up.
I have learnt especially in the very recent past that it is very necessary to move with people who have elevated thoughts and are refined human beings. For you to want to have the highest ideals, to be an achiever, it is necessary to surround yourself with people who are that way, no matter how scarce that breed might be. To move with people who have the highest intellect.
Just felt like typing this down. Perhaps the usual cathartic post. In a way, this post is like also telling myself to be better tomorrow, in whatever I do, than I am today.
To you, reading this, may you have the good fortune of moving with wonderful people who inspire you to reach the zenith.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Also a comment - the other side

Hi.. I'm a young doctor working at GH and am an avid listener of your show, which coincides with the time I'm driving to work, every morning.
This discussion about the state of our Government Hospitals is a very valid & interesting one. While on one hand I agree with the things that have been said especially with respect to cleanliness and the ward boys' asking for money, I would like to point out a few lacunae, which may be the reasons for the woes of GH.

1. The moment our bigwigs begin to come to GH, the things are bound to change. A few decades ago, when the top politicos fell ill, they were brought to GH and consequently the facilities improved and new equipments and a clean premises was maintained. My suggestion is that if our ministers/CM get admitted in GH (where, believe me, the quality of doctors and nurses are on par with outside) the whole place will automatically get a facelift in terms of cleanliness and equipment. Like how our PM goes to AIIMS, similarly our CM and others should admit themselves in GH. I am asking them to trust in the same system that caters to majority of their people.

2.The ward boys are employed through a contract basis. They have awful working hours of 12 hours a day and have to do work such as transport patients up the buildings when lifts aren't working, clean up the wards and toilets (which the patients & their relatives dirty indiscriminately) and sundry other things. Most of them are married and have families to look after. And for all this they are paid Rs.1500-2000 per month. The point I am making is that these people deserve a bit more for their hard work. I am sure that they would not ask for money from patients if they are better paid. Some black sheeps exist though and inspite of repeated warnings from doctors they continue harassing patients and have been thrown out on our insistence.

3. Our patients themselves are a difficult lot to deal with. Just come to the new tower blocks and observe the way they look after the public property. As usual, they spit everywhere, urinate in public (even when there are clean toilets maintained by the Corporation, within the compound), eat inside the wards and dirty everything around them. The latrine is a dustbin for them and very often in our daily rounds,we docs inspect the toilets and admonish patients who dirty them beyond scope of any clean-up. And it is left to the ward boys to clean up after the patients have dirtied the place. These people smoke in the ward and occasionally a few of them have misbehaved with the nursing staff too. Any number of requests/scoldings/threats don't seem to work for these rowdy elements amongst the patients (though most patients are very simple, trustworthy & lovable people).

4.There are few more ails affecting out system of healthcare. Though it must be said that TN healthcare is amongst the best managed in India. Obviously, there is scope for improvement, as we can see.. I hope you will take note and highlight issues from the other side of the fence as well.

5. I guess, we need accountability in our society. In every aspect. Surety of punishment and not its magnitude is the only deterrent to indiscipline.

Friday, March 27, 2009

How I almost lost my mother

July 2007 will definitely be the most harrowing time of my life. In Canada, mom seemed to have developed a lactose intolerance, which she usually does not have and she developed a fever on Day 2 of the 10 day sojourn in Canada. She brushed it aside, as she usually does and until we come back from Canada, she has fever, chills and severe headache.
Once back in Chennai, I go to work, come back and mom says its time to go to the hospital. We get her admitted there and as usual we list out what she is allergic to.
She seems to be recovering after 3-4 days in the hospital. She asks for juice, I go about hunting and realize there is no departmental store in Nungambakkam and instead of heading to Chetpet I head to Dr Radhakrishnan salai. 45 minutes later, juice carton in hand, I head to mom's room to see major commotion. Mom's body is swollen thrice the size, her face is puffed up and she is gasping for breath. That day, the hospital's lift did not function, they carried the oxygen cylidner by hand over two floors, to find it was empty. The crew ran back down to get another and they had started pumping oxygen. And then, I saw the look in mom's eyes that I had seen right before my granddad died. And thats when I started shouting at the doc asking what in God's name he was doing. And kept telling mom not to leave me and go. Turns out she had been given an IV injection, which contained exactly whatever she was allergic to.
Mom is wheeled into the ICU. I am asked if there "is anyone else in the family, any male member" and I knew then these are questions that I would not have to face in normal circumstances.
Once in ICU mom recovers and we bring her back home straight from there.
It took mom an entire month to become normal. We had a nurse at home to attend to her. But on that day, I would have lost her and been orphaned.
But in this whole thing, my mom had an out of body experience, knew what it was to be out of the body, not feel any attachment to any of the human beings around and how it feels to get "pulled in" to the body again.
So maybe its time to file a PIL.
If someone like Traffic Ramaswamy can, I don't see why we cannot.

Blaaze's open letter

My mother's ordeal... 'open' letter to hospital

Rajesh Raman
Son Of Mrs. Sathyabhama Raman
Chennai – 600 018
Date: 15th December, 2008

The Management,
Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital Ltd.
148, Luz Church Road,
Mylapore, Chennai 600 004

Respected Sir,

It is with utmost disappointment that I am compelled to write this to bring to your notice the complete inadequacy and disrespect shown to my mother and fellow patients at your hospital.

My mother, Mrs. Sathyabhama Raman was admitted to the hospital on Friday, December 12th 2008. Having been under the care of Dr. GS Kailash, she is being discharged today, thankfully. Please note the following and do ensure the services are improved so as to help other unfortunate patients who may have to suffer the added pain of your services alongwith the illness already diagnosed. A copy of this letter is being given to all concerned departments.

Saturday December 13th 2008 - Room 211

9.27 pm – 10.00 pm

3 times was attended for medication / reports / drips
Nurse left patient on all three occasions half way…

(hospital excuse) – shortage of sisters

9.00 pm – previous 48 hours (since admission)

Patient has acute bronchitis alongwith other illness, and had been administered nebulisation – ON A BROKEN MACHINE !
Complaint in the form of a doubt was raised by the patient’s daughter-in-law, Nandini Raman, on first nebulisation, as it seemed to not work.(i.e. no trace of smoke from machine mask during nebulisation). No positive response from nurse who was attending and mentioned it is is.
Second day of nebulisation, I, Rajesh Raman, was present in the evening, and being a severe asthmatic patient myself, knew the nuisances of the nebuliser, and this time when complaint was raised by myself, to the sister on duty, she AGREED that the unit being used since her admission to the hospital, was and still is…BROKEN.

(hospital excuse) – as a patient, you should have complained earlier, says the nurse!

Emergency Bell kept at bedside – response time - 7 minutes - after three rings and patient walking to desk to ask for attendance !

(hospital excuse) – there was nobody at the desk to attend to bell call.

10.12 pm

3 injections through intra-veinous (IV) was administered to patient in 21 seconds. Am curious as to whether this is common practice as my mother was in tremendous pain.

(hospital excuse) – this is the way it is done.

07.15 am Monday, December 15, 2008

After being in room 211 since Saturday, 13th December, the bedsheets of the patient have been changed only now, and that too after polite requests to do so by myself. 3 days later? A bedsheet change?

(hospital excuse-overheard) – lack of sheets

09.15 am

Dustbin changed and replaced WITHOUT removal of the bin liner inside, with cotton swabs and tea stains etc still in the new change. Complained to head nurse about some basic sense of responsibility required and prompt replacement was made.

09.30 am

Had to request for toilet to be cleaned … as it has not been cleaned since admission.

(hospital excuse) – not sure …

Am truly appalled by the further stress and pain an admission to your hospital may bring to fellow patients like my mother. Please do take action.
For God’s sake, if not for humanity.


Rajesh Raman

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Comment (from a doctor who served at Government General Hospital)

dear chinmayi ,
I am one of those people who constantly draw inspiration to rise to greater heights, from your blog.

I was a medical student who interned at the GGH , Chennai.
The list of things the place needs is endless, can be attributed to lack of funds , mismanagement , theft etc.
i am not going to talk about that.
I am here to tell yourandom incidents/ sightings that apalled me :

The Assistant professor in my ward , casually asked us to indent expensive drugs under patients ( its for free)and made off with them to use for his private clinic.

A watchman in the septic ward charges RS. 10 to let visitors/ attenders in. Ive seen this exchange several times and chided him.

In this septic ward, the ward assistant (deputy to nurse ) "offers " to do the dressings for patients. Since it takes a long time for us Interns to finish All the patients, And we do the septic ward last , some patients unknowingly agree to take up the "offer " . After the quackish dressing , they are charged rs 50 to rs 100

In septic ward ,to shift a patient from the OT post op , anywhere from rs 100 upwards.

To wheel a patient for investigations ( ex: to take him from ward to x ray room , Around RS 50). When i was new i used to sit and wonder why the hell an urgent investigation was not done. Ans : patient didnt pay the ward boy.

While i found that one doctor corrupt , i must say the others who i worked under were exceptionally good ,genuine and caring.
The nurses are like sloths / slugs, they hardly move, make a lot of noise , weigh above 65 kg,and believe their sole job in life is to sit and draw lines on registers. and are somewhat benign in compared to the lower rung of uneducated employees.

The ward boys are incorrigible , hateful , lecherous bastards.
As someone on the bottom most of the hierarchy of doctors , there was nothing much i could do besides listen to patients grievances , console them , and TRY to check these lechers.
but theyve done it for forty fifty years . one little student , posted in their ward for a couple of weeks could not intimidate them , try as much as she could.

Im not defending myself and saying i did everything in my capacity , but i tried .

And yes , ministers generally admit their aged parents ( reason :cheaper , and they're going to die anyway + public admiration for using GH ). ITs hell when they come , ppl stand in attention or bend double in fear / respect. I tried to resist that and go about my daily proud that i didnt stoop to say good morning to some godawful minister.

And in the maternity hospital, if the mother gives birth to a girl , they 'Gift' Rs. 300 to the Ayah. Boys bring Rs.500. Saddest part : the ayah takes them aside and says " ulla doctor amma/ ayya vangi vara sonnanga". This i came to know only after i finished my posting in maternity !!

Oh and worst of all they charge a couple of thousands to hand over a body from the morgue. or so i hear.

Im sorry/ ashamed to say i couldnt do much more than what i did as an intern.
But it has been cathartic to write about it here . Thank you.

So people, can something be done about these ward boys/nurses/ayahs?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Liked these posts

on another blog. Thanks to, yup an anonymous commenter. I usually do not take anonymous comments sending me links, seriously. Anyway, have a read of these posts

Very apparently anonymous belongs to a spiritual movement going by his comment. Please note that this does not mean I am supporting or subliminally asking you to join up with a spiritual organization. With all due respect to them.
Just happened to come across these, as I have mentioned already, thanks to an anonymous commenter, found them to be good reads and that which we need at this time. Just attempting that at least those who come to this blog, who are valid voters, go about voting on the said dates. Please do not waste your vote and encourage bogus voting. Its heresy, but I have heard that those who do not cast their votes actually do a major disservice to those who take the trouble to go and vote. The votes of those who do not land up at the polling booths become "kalla votes" I hear. So whether you land up or not your vote is being used. So make sure, if you haven't voted before, make sure that your vote is used by you and not someone else.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There are times when you realize that you have probably always known something but you needed to hear it from someone else for it to affirm within you, it had to come from a source outside of you and find a resonance or reflection from your being, and that is perhaps, surreal.
And today I heard that something which I have already heard from mom. Sometimes it almost feels like mom and I share a soul. We say the same things, sometimes chorus whole sentences, thought processes are the same but she is elevated in most aspects while I am still learning the ropes.
I happened to go for a meeting where this gentleman happened to mention that he spends 15 minutes meditating everyday during which time he thanks every person that he has come across. Starting from his parents to spouse to children to colleagues, everyone. Including the enemies. Or instead of saying "enemy" let me say people who have wronged him. And whilst he was saying these words, I knew that more, much much more than thanking God for the good people or the good circumstances that we have come to face, we need to be thankful for the trials and tribulations, for times that try us to no end, sprain our brains and wring our minds, curdle our vision and buzz our hearing. For these are times, as the age-old adage goes, the trials by fire that cure us.
And it is perhaps imperative that we thank those who wrong us, for if not for them, we remain unchallenged. Unchallenged to push ourselves, stretch our horizons and increase our vision. We would probably be in the Garuda Sowkhyam mode. Sprawled out happily like a cat on her favorite cushion.
And here I am reminded of that final line that Mr Prakash Raj said in my interview (I have mentioned the entire verse in one of my earlier posts)- .... do not poison me for I shall become Neelakantha.
This verse from that day on has become the silent mantra of my life. Yes despair does happen. Tears do well up and I do sometimes feel like going on top of a mountain and scream my sorrow, probably imagine myself on some Himalayan peak where the scream that I so wish to express, that which would rent my being will escape its confines and get engulfed by the mountains and I would be offered silence and tranquility in return.
But in what could perhaps be regarded oblique, I experience the sorrow in its entirety. No postponing there or believing its cowardly to feel sad. Living sorrow then and there, getting it over with and moving on is easier. That said, if there is a point in time when I come to believe otherwise and come to contradict these very lines, there will be a valid reason to do so. And these thoughts are what I believe in at this point in time. And completely.
So what I wanted to share with you, now is this. Thank God for the wrong-ers. For they make our lives more exciting. Challenging. The moment you prove that person - who once said you cannot do something - wrong, that moment, I promise you, will be one of those you'll treasure. Enjoy it and of course, once that has been lived, its time to move on.

The plight of Hospitals in Chennai

Aahaa Kaapi klub today was quite a revelation. Today's topic was triggered by a TOI article on how the ICU patients in KMC hospital had to use the stairs, Cardiac patients and burn victims inclusive, as the lift has not been functioning for 4 days.
Based on that I asked the people in the city of Chennai to call in with what they had faced. And I had absolutely no idea this was happening. Whenever the important ministers land up all the general hositals are cleaned and then they go back to the same crappy state.
Visitors of the patients dump garbage within the wards which leads to the breeding of mosquitoes. What would they do they ask, the wards are already full of crap.
Post delivery, a mother and her new born were brought to a ward, where nightfall brings a horde of dogs inside. The mother had to hold her child on her lap through the night for fear that the dogs would take away her child.
People who come in for fractures and related issues at the GH - the ward reportedly stinks beyond compare.
A man brought in his friends who had faced an accident at OMR to the GH. The ward boy demanded 300 bucks and because the man who had brought the victims had no cash on hand, he 'dumped' the patient, who had been bleeding all along at the back of the hospital somewhere and disappeared. By the time they figured out what happened, the victim had died. The ward boy is happily going about doing his job somewhere
Royapettah hospital - some of the famous specialists of Chennai who practise there apparently work out of "thatched roof" buildings as reported by a caller, and Royapettah housing some of the biggest politicians of Chennai is in this state.
Patients there, post operation have to wheeled across the main road, facing all the infection dust and traffic to go to the General ward.
Most of these general hospitals have issues with the Electricity board which means no electricity. Thats the case with the GH as well.
CGHS tells patients to get their medicines afterr 10 days.
Ward boys and other attendants bargain with the relatives of patients in lifts on how much they should be paid.
Hospitals like MIOT have more or less the same issues as far as these attendants are concerned. More than anything else, nurses and doctors apparently have mouths as foul as the GH itself.
I wonder what those people in GH are being paid for. As all the callers said, the employees are cocksure that nothing can happen to them since they are all government servants. How come the Union Minister has no clue about all this beats me. And more than anything else I wonder what salt the doctors working at the GH are made of.
Anyway, there was a lot more that was said by the callers today. Some of them have slipped my fingers right now. But what you have read is as said by the callers. I intend to post the inputs on the blog soon. Maybe a Podcast.

Just like there movements for cleaning religious areas, I wonder if there are movements that clean the hospitals.
Now that you have read all this, do you have a solution?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I happened to mention earlier about attending a panel discussion on the power of media at the Ethiraj College. This had happened a few weeks ago and one of the questions that was posed to all of us by the moderator Mr Gnani - When did you feel powerless being in the media? At that point in time I did not have answer. I did not even know whether that would apply to me the singer. Because there I was only answering questions as a singer.
But now I do. Every morning on Aahaa Kaapi Klub is a dream come true because it gives me a feeling that I am actively contributing to some sort of a change in the city and the society. I have a faithful audience, an even more faithful set of callers who pour out their woes and offer opinions on how change can happen. I have somehow believed that if we keep saying the good thing, the power of word will manifest into action sooner or later.
But this morning was like a kick in the gut. One of my regular callers came on air to say that no matter what we say or discuss nothing is going to happen in this city. Asking him why gave me an answer that I didn't believe I would hear. He reminded me of the day that the Corporation Commissioner of Chennai came to the show and said he would take action on all the complaints that the callers registered. And he did. I was a witness to all the calls he kept making while songs kept playing and even called people who were outside his range of control. And the same caller that I am mentioning now, called that day again, to say "Thanks - I have hope that something will be done with regard to my issue, as the corporation has followed up". I haven't felt that happy too often in this short lifespan. And today he happened to mention that yes, the call happened but no action has been taken. As someone who genuinely wishes and wants to do anything as a law abiding citizen to make the city a better place, it crushed the hope that I had that things can happen in the city.
But then its not the Commissioner's fault. He did his duty to let the other employees of the corporation know and also followed up a couple of times. It is those under him who did not do the work.
Another personal instance yesterday when I had to take my car for an insurance claim cause I rammed into one of those makeshift concrete slab medians (that are hapazhazardly piled up in the middle of the roads, which are also shifted and removed by the respected citizens of Chennai according to their convenience) while trying to avoid one of those share autos who cut in like a maniac. If I had not rammed into the median perhaps my car door would have gone for a six. These buggers coolly shout out to you "claim insurance!!" as if the guys at the Insurance company are just waiting to settle claims. I take my car for service asking for insurance claim, people at the car company say I need a police certificate for this case. I go to the station, I am told that I need to pay a bribe to get a police cert. Now all that I do is say I will come back. I have by then decided that I am not going to bribe. Like I have said on my show, bribing is a two-way deal. I'd rather pay the bill at the service station. At least those guys seem to be doing their work. No insurance will be claimed but the silver lining is I get an NCB.
But before, you the reader starts commenting that we are cheated out of our taxes, or that I can probably afford to pay for the damages of my car and how most people in India cannot, or that's why bribing will thrive, let me offer my humble opinion.
If there are officials in the Government, Corporation, Electricity board and whatnot asking for bribes and not doing what they are paid for in the first place and probably whiling away their time, like shown in Anniyan, we the citizens have allowed such people to work for us. By, us the complainers. The cribbers. Because people like us don't work for the corporation or the country cos hey its not worthwhile or its below dignity. So at the end of the day, we are to blame.
Perhaps Superman or Spiderman none of them can help. Not even God. Lets enjoy being Indians, crib some more and eventually pass away from this country after a lifetime of cribbing.

Monday, March 16, 2009

And finally

things seem to be falling in place and I am planning my long dreamt of, long overdue trip to the Himalayas. Found a couple of people with whom I will be comfortable traveling with.
If you guys have suggestions on where I could go on the way, do let me know, I ll probably plan my trip accordingly :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A request for help

I am a major dreamer. Quite literally. I dream in technicolor and scene by scene unfolds everytime I sleep. I have had several profound dreams as well, some of which have come as a message during tough times.
What I am asking help for right now, is about one such dream. This is probably my last resort to find out.
I was probably 12 then, not the greatest points in time in our lives and I remember dreaming of a Goddess who seemed reclined like Lord Ranganatha in a mandap where there are hundreds of women and men perhaps, I am not too sure, singing Bhajans. I walk up to the Goddess. She is all alive, a very human form. I go to her and the Goddess, clad in yellow, lifts herself up and tells me that she has been waiting to see me for a long time and asks when I am going to come and see her. And I ask where should I look for you? She says "Madhura pakkathula Kali". "Madhura" was said very coloquially, not pronounced to the last syllable. And then she transforms into an idol. One leg folded up.
I remember telling my grandad first, asking him whether he knows of a reclining Goddess. He asked me to go to Siruvachur, wherein the Goddess Madura Kali resides. I went there and to countless other temples in search of her. We have perhaps looked and asked around Madurai. Went looking for her in our very own Paramakudi. But somehow I do not think I have found her yet. Perhaps this is Her way of leading me on a chase, by which I end up going to temple after temple. I love it though. I have been interested in it ever since mom's project with Govt of India happened, on Temple Traditions and Culture; She is a senior fellow. Her documentaries and other work rest at home, which I intend to bring out soon.
So as a last resort, I am asking you if by any chance some temple comes to your mind after reading this, do let me know. I will make it a point to visit there. And if it is near Mathura, UP do let me know. I could perhaps look there as well.

Mediocrity and etc

Happened to read the interview by Sri Kamal Haasan with this killer line "Don't make mediocrity a standard". Finally someone came out to say it. And finally someone has given a statement like that and I believe it needs someone of his stature to say so. To get someone to do better than they think they can.
The battle with mediocrity is one of the biggest to wage and its an ongoing process. Especially when mediocrity is the majority and sometimes they become the people setting the rules. And perhaps that's also why the society today is weirded out but as gen next is asking questions change is impending.
Maybe ignorance is bliss, I have been stupefied at the way a lot of people hang on to weird beliefs just because they are dead sure that it is a fact and go about propagating it.
I can say this - if you are not one among the masses, in anything, thoughts, actions, way you want to live your life, even the simplest thing - life is definitely not easy. Like they say the tree that bears fruit gets pelted the most.
And I believe that most of the people that I have met are thankfully not of the mediocre category. That's probably why my wits are still about me, but at the times that I have run into some, its been a gut wrenching, hair splitting time.
I shall just wish for you, that you never come across such instances or people. May you meet effective, accountable, inspiring people who belong to the stellar category. Those who inspire you to set new standards for yourself. Not too many things in this world are as inspirational.
And yes do read that interview in TOI dated yesterday

A letter of frustration

that I got, reads thus
Hi Chinmayi,

I am Dharini, a Software engineer a reader of ur blogs.
Have been thinking of writing to you for knowing you as a singer and a multitalented personality..
But this mail is gonna be one out of total frustration.

I have recently shifted to work n live in this DIRTY chennai in an area called Ekkatuthaangal.
I agree, in bangalore also ppl spit on roads.. behave as though they dont care a damn abt others..
but this is worst in chennai... they Spit, urinate smoke and wat not.. :'( its sick ya.. where are the rules gone?? why was there a fine mentioned for all these things??
Only on papers..???? totally unbearable..

I am not sure if this is the case with other parts of the city.
But living here for 5 months I am repenting on the fact of why i chose to shift to chennai..

If i say dont spit,, they just stare and walk away... as u had said. its the expected reaction.. but who else is bothered.. everyone is ready to live thick skinned..
Rather I would like to be tolerant to their typical reactions and keep on saying them not to do these..

huh.. I just cant imagine wat if it rains heavily and wash all this into the houses!~!!!!!!!!!!

Its not for complaining alone... in case u have a plan for some cleanliness camp in and around ambal nagar, ekkatuthangal, guindy.. or in this part of the I am ready to work with you and your fans group to clean up the city and spread awareness...
Or do direct me to some pointers on any NGO's who work on these lines
I am also looking for similar ones like exnora's, etc...

Just din know who to tell this to.. and being a regular reader of ur blog, thot wud write 2 u on this..
Please bear with my short form english, spelling mistakes and improper writings...


So now that you have read this, please do let me know how I/we can take this forward

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The voice of Neetu Chandra

in Yavarum Nalam happens to be mine. Was more or less reminded to blog about it just about now. The movie gave me enough sleeplesss nights while I worked I was working on the sessions and only when I saw the ending did I rest in peace.
The dubbing sessions happened in Trinity Studios, one of my favourite places to work in and the Director Mr Vikram was great to work with.t
Don't know if I have it in me to watch the movie again but please do watch it, at the theaters. It also has rave reviews from the critics, I hear.
Have fun getting terrified :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The past week has been quite eventful. Some of the events that I would remember for a long time will be the panel discussion on the Power of Media at Ethiraj College. The Panelists were Ms Latha Rajiv Menon, Mr Vijay (director), Mr Siddharth of Mitrra Media, Mr Joseph (Photographer), Mr Sunil (VP News Jaya TV) and moi. The moderator was Mr Gnani. Though the discussion was conducted and was open only to the students of the Viscom dept it was one helluva experience.
I was also at a special preview organized by Mehta Jewellery for a special collection called Mishti and was invited to have a look and give my views to the press as well, at a special do. Also with me were Ms Nina Reddy, Ms Minnie Menon and Paloma. I was asked to wear the jewellery and pose with it as well. I liked the way one of the designers in the team presented their work, titled Marigold and Tree of Life. I found it very sincere and the detailing and effort commendable. Pictures of the jewellery can be found at Galatta's website
This morning found me at the Head Post Office. I was invited as a guest for their Women's Day events. The best thing about that trip was I finally did something I have been putting off for ages. Got signed up as a philatelist. Also made sure that I would get the stamps released in 2007 and 2008. But apparently it would not be possible to source the ones released in the previous years. I have been a partially lackadaisical philatelist. Every letter that came home would definitely have the stamp cut out. Or I would do the same if I were travelling as ask the people I knew if they would need the stamps in their mail. I have a few albums and I have been collecting coins and commemorative spoons as well. Yes. There are commemorative spoons. I saw an entire collection with a family that I visited in South Africa when I went there to perform. I forgot whether it was in Jo'burg or Durban. This gentleman had the spoons released by Britain with the pictures of the entire royal family. From then on I started collecting those too, though I must admit that I have not made much headway there.
This evening was spent at Ethiraj again but as jury for the Mr and Ms Chennai Times contest. I shared the jury space with the Editor of Chennai Times Mr Thomas Edison, Ms Kokila and THE Madhavan.
Quite a display of talent and was pretty thoroughly impressed by the way the winner of the title danced. I guess protocol requires that I do not mention who the winners are until the TOI carries it first. So I shall adhere to that.
Tomorrow, being Women's day I have a concert in the evening at Music Academy so have been working for that too. Maybe for one of the first times, I saw posters for an event that I was being a part of in the entire city.
Srilekha Parthasarathy and Mahathi would also be part of this concert. God willing the concert will go well.