Thursday, November 24, 2011

The believer

Usually is someone optimistic. Or so I think. Has hope. Someone who believes in the nicer side of things. The truer side of things. Or people. But more often than not the believer is the one who gets sorely tested. Till he is, well, quite sore. 
The ones who care zilch for things like values or ethics seem to have easier, less testy times. Actually none at all. But then that is a third person's opinion. I would never know what someone goes through.

But more often than not, if I scream out to God it is asking whither fairness? Whither justice? And how much longer will it be before the 'deivam ninru kollum' happens?

The only time I probably forget is when I sing my heart out. And I did so in Cochin and I am grateful for that experience. My mom was happy with what I sang and that happens very rarely. She is not one to compliment. 

Trials tribulations and sometimes just excreta happens. And that, I figured is my life.