Friday, January 26, 2007

On Air on Aahaa 91.9 FM

In Chennai

We launched on the 18th and almost about 2 weeks later I am having a lot of fun talking to people. And I have a super team that I work with on 'Namma Ooru Angels'. Lots of joy and laughter. I am presently going live between 12-3 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.

On a previous post asking for suggestions, I thought it best not to publish those. I want to heartfully thank everyone that has commented on that particular post, wracking your brains for my benefit. As of now, we have not been able to incorporate any of the ideas that I have received through my blog mostly due to the time band that I am on.

I am looking forward to knowing your suggestions on our show. If you have given a listen, do mail in. Also, I have had to thank for the suggestions on a post like this, because most have not left a forwarding EMail. Thanks once again

Post Script to the Post below

Or rather should it be PB, for Post Blog?

I have found the need to clarify time and again that what I write is mostly inspired from what I see, read and hear. Not necessarily what I feel. And so far, most of these 'hatke' posts have had almost nothing to do with my daily life.

I was pretty surprised to see several mails and comments within a span of a few hours asking me whether I was in love. No. And I am not. For all that I know, my posts could even be inspired by a movie that I have just watched. I watch a humongous number of movies on DVD.

Hope this clarifies the questions :)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I heard a story. Of love. Of love that has renewed hopes every single day. She was pale. She was always changing. But her change was predictable. Once people got to know her, it was easy to know how she will look and how she will feel, and what effect she will have on the world around each day. Though she didn't have a flawless face, everyone thought she was beautiful.

She was happier as the day waned. She awoke then, in all her glory. She felt uncomfortable in the spotlight, and she would go into hiding, rather make herself inconspicuous when it was very bright around. But if you would bother to look for her, she would be there. On those days she felt small. She felt worthless. But as the day wore by, she will be happier, brighter, more energetic. And she would go to see her beloved. All that he used to do was just be still. She thought he was not capable of any feeling, but she was wrong. He had a huge temper sometimes, and a lot of people say that she is the cause for his turbulence and anger. Mostly, he would get all worked up when she looked her best. People could never understand why. And she always thought he gave her second place. She was always an option in his life. And always second best.

That saddened her. But everyday she would look upon him. Be with him. And some days she thought that he loved her back too. They shared a quiet understanding. When they met, they made a beautiful picture. There were people who wished that they always be together. But another day would dawn, and those thoughts would go to nought.

All that she did was love. And love boundlessly. Because he was boundless. He was all encompassing. And he could take in a lot more than she could ever think of. She loved him most when he was calm. Wherever she looked he was there. And their eyes would always meet. They were in love. But they knew they could not be together all the time. She, being the way she is, understood, and decided to be second best. Decided to be an option. At least that way, she could be with him at least for some time. And those times were cherished. And loved. Especially when her silvery hair fell upon him. Together they are always beautiful. And it will always be. For this is the story of the Moon and the Sea. Of love that waits day after day.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Guru - Rocks!!!!!

I just came back from the movie, and it positively rocks. To say the least. Wow Wow and more Wow.

I have never reviewed a film before so please dont expect technical details. Super acting by everyone in the film. Again to say the least.

Watch it people!!

P.S.: And my pictures are now up.. have a dekho :D

Sunday, January 07, 2007


This year I am doing something new. I am going to be an RJ on FM radio. Quite simply.

I have been asking people on what they would expect from a singer who is also hosting a show, and so far my blog is something I haven't tried to get suggestions.

I dont want to do a typical "know your music" kind of a show where I will speak about finding ragas and knowing talas only.
My show will be on every week day for a couple of hours.
I am basically looking to do a show that will be fun. If you have any ideas as to what I could do, or you could tell me what you would like to listen to if you were to tune in to my show, I will be immensely grateful.

Thanks in Advance.

P.S.: I have been unable to write more so because I seem to not be able to string my words together for this particular section, when I want to. Blogger's block perhaps!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I need to watermark the pictures that were taken during the show and my net connection is slower than a tortoise on alcohol. In any case I should have them up in the next two days. To everyone who has been checking my photo blog, I am extremely sorry for the false alarm

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Best New Year's eve EVER!!!

It was the best way to end a year. And the best way to begin a new one.

Singing. And in Rahman Sir' concert. Nokia New Year's Eve in Mumbai rocked! And I am super glad I was a part of it.
Rehearsals happened in a hectic pace a couple of days before the show in Chennai and we left to Mumbai n the 30th. We were carted to the venue directly from the airport baggage and all for rehearsals and preliminary sound checks.
The performance was planned for about 45 mins and Rahman sir's concert was the last act. I sang Tere Bina. And was present wherever female vocals took place.

We had another rehearsal on the day of the concert and we had just enough time to head to the hotel, get ready and be back.

After the performances of a duo called Josh, dance performances, Nelly Furtado's acts, Shahid Kapur, Koena Mitra and Priyanka's act, we went up on stage. Before our concert, there was a short Drum Line by a group called Global Rhythms and Sivamani Sir.

By the time Rahman sir could come to the stage, the crowd started chanting out for him. And finally Sir came up on to the stage, quite literally. He rose from beneath the stage and was brought up in an elevator. And then the crowd went mad. He was supposed to speak a few lines, to which he said "there is not much to speak now, we will just start playing"
The concert opened with "Pray for me brother". The crowd still didnt quieten down and kept calling out to him. One guy even said "Rahman I love you" and Sir replied "I love you too" to another uproar :) And then he said "This is a very special song, so be quiet", and just like magic everyone did as soon as he started playing on the grand piano which was placed on stage.
The next one was Khalbali. And that was is it. Everywhere it was Khalbali. :D
Madhushree ji was up next with an unplugged version of Ishq Bina. And as soon as she started that song, the people went ecstatic. There was one more song here which I am missing. I ll probably add that on later. Tere Bina was next. It was followed by Humma Humma. And the concert finished with that one. Blaaze entered with this song, saying "Humma Humma can you say Humma" and rapped away and then Sir started with the song. And this was the curtain call. Around the end of this piece, Shahid Kapur, nely Furtado, Koena Mitra, Priyanka Chopra joined us on stage. We had to finish the concert by 12. Unfortunately. Ani, a singer from Armenia was supposed to sing Chandralekha, which couldnt take place thanks to the time constraint, as it was also a live telecast.
I usually lose something in some huge concerts that I am a part of. And this time the casualty were my super favorite 10 day old Gucci sunglasses. I dont understand whats with me.

I got to know Tanvi better in this show. Tanvi is a very talented singer who has sung the title track of Jillunu oru Kadhal. She is someone who has done a whole lot of things. She owns her own business, has worked with World bank, is a stylist. In short, several dimensions to her. Communication with Ani was very tough as her knowledge of English was very sparce. She managed with about 4-5 words and used them a lot. I am told that she is a star in Armenia and she is one helluva singer.
Blaaze anna. Too cool. He is one person who doesnt speak much at all. He is probably the best indigenous Rapper since he is an Indian. He can get the crowd moving in split seconds. He just has to shake his head to the rhythm and probably direct the crowd with his hands. And everyone follows suit. His energy is out of the world and infectious. :D
Madhushree ji is a singer I love, mostly for the timbre of her voice and the way she sings. She has a beautiful smile, and when she came to the stage to perform, she said "I have a secret.. do you you want to know what that is?" and then started with Ishq Bina.

Rayhana Ji and Ishrath ji also sang in this concert. Rayhana ji is a superb dancer and both of them have a super sense of humour :)

Sivamani sir wore this instrument in steel probably around his neck, which comes down to the stomach. And he kinda scratches on them in rhythm with lapel like (as far as I could discern) hand pieces (?). I dont know what it is called, but it looks like an armour all with its corrugated exterior. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a style statement. Then I realized it was a sound statement. Sivamani sir was playing on it back stage and Shahid Kapur happened to quip that if no one will look at him if Sivamani sir were to play that on stage. He was pretty amazed and couldnt understand how he made rhythm by just scratching. Quote unquote.

Sivamani sir was on the percussions with the group Global Rhythms joining in.

Mr Satish, Mr Chetan were also on the keys. Mr Raja was also on the percussion. Mr Srinivasamurthy was the conductor.

Rahman Sir. There is so much to learn. Every single time. Though I have performed with Sir before, this was a whole different experience. And a live concert with Sir is some 10,00,000 times different from everything else. No matter how high the tensions rise, he is always cool, calming people down and telling singers in particular not to worry, and telling them they will do good. This one time, I am left with no words to express myself.

I met a few gentlemen from Rahman sir's fan group. It was pretty late by the time we went home on the day of the rehearsals, round 1 in the night. I happened to mention that as long as I am singing, it doesnt matter how late it is, or whether I would get sleep or food. They said they would die to be there in our place, working with Sir. Made my realize then that there are several hundreds of thousands out there who want to sing for Rahman siror work with him at least once. I sent a silent prayer at that moment to the Gods above. One that I have a mother who made my voice the way it is now and for everything else, and for the oppurtunities that I have been given. And at that moment in time, with Rahman sir in particular.

Also want to thank Mr Vijay, Mr Gopal and Ms Elizabeth from Rapport. Mr Vijay and Mr Gopal are the ones who started Rahman sir's fan group and Elizabeth was the one I spoke to innumerable times and she was patient enough to clear all my doubts!!!

I did take quite a few pictures and you can view them on my Photo blog.