Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Releases

In Kedi and Veyil
Veyil has a very young Music Director in G V Prakash. You would have heard his voice as the kid who says "Chikku buku chikku buku raileyyyyy"
You can listen to this song in my audio blog
Also, I am the voice behind Bhoomika in the movie Sillunu Oru Kadhal.
And to hear my voice, you gotta watch the movie. Comments appreciated :)


Vijay Krishnan said...

Chinmayi, as asked u earlier how many facets do u have...

A Singer
A Translator
A Psychologist
A Blogger
and a person

* having an insight on social welfare(instance: learnt u had donated ur eyes)

and now a dubbing artiste

wish u all success in ur endeavours

i'm drawing some inspiration out of u in singing and blogging.

Ezhini said...

Hi Chinmayee,

The Song from Veyil is really marvelous.All the best.

Ezhini said...

Hi Chinmayee,

Are you an IT professional?.
Just out of curiosity, I am asking this,How you get interest in blogging?.

saraskathiresan said...

your voice in the movie Jill Enu 1 kadhal is really amazing and the song in veyil is a very beautiful melody. congrats for ur new project dubbing artiste. All the very best

MP said...

no waay! i cant beleive that u were Bhoomikas voice!
that was great job chinmayi! cant beleive it! keep it up

skar said...

@Vijay: "having an insight on social welfare(instance: learnt u had donated ur eyes)"

I'm sure if she 'had' donated her eyes, she would have no sight, let alone in'sight!

I know you mean 'will donate your eyes'. :)

@Chin: Singer, dextrous with words, and now a voice-over! I just upgraded from disbelieving in god's fairness, to disbelieving in god!

It'll probably take a little time for the movie to be avlble where i am so i'll post more relevant comments after it arrives here and i've made time to see it.

P.S: Oh shoot, i almost forgot TV anchor! You've pretty much dabbled with all aspects of the media. Next thing i expect, i'll be seeing you in an ad for silky hair!

bharat said...

The veyil song is real nice. Saw SOK half hour back. Good job with the voice-over. It's different (in a nice way). Have you done some before or was this your first?

Arvind Ramachandran said...

was it ur voice behind Bhoomika in Sillunu oru Kadhal..good Work!

Ajay said...

jus last night saw the movie here at a theater in houston...thot whoever dubbed for bhoomika did a good the tamil seemed crisp..
way to go, chinmayi...

gitu said...

chin,can't believe it..anyhow great work..and who is the voice over for Jo..any ideas....on thing to say though..of all the songs tht u have sung...i loved the way u sang "Summer of 69" in one of the supe singer episodes..

Anonymous said...

hey hi chinmayi, gr8 voice in SOK! it was really very suitable for bhoomika. and i heard ur song in veyyil! simply super.keep going! wish u all the best!

Soundar G said...

Saw SOK last weekend! Your dubbing for Bhumika was good. How come you did not blog your experience (earlier) on how you got the opportunity as well as on the actual dubbing itself. I am sure it would have been a refreshing experience for you. Was your compering "AirTel Super Singer" instrumental? Wish you all success in your new endeavour.



Digression: p990i is released and costs approximately 35k. FYI.

Sneha Acharya said...

mm while seeing the movie myself n my husb were thnking tht the voice is familiar but cudn't identify .. now know the secret ;-)

Raju said...

Was it you in SOK for Bhumika? OMG.. that was excelllllent.. I found the voice to be extremely attractive.. but couldnt guess.. thought it to be one of the many dub artists.. I have been thinking of the voice ever since i watched the movie.. you can see it from my last 2 posts of mine. My favorite? Your chuckle when Surya says "hey kullachi.."; BTW, the entire cellfone sequence was sooo cute and romantic.. Wish to hear more of you in the near future..

Anonymous said...


Never knew it was you who lent your voice for Bhumika!!
Was really very fresh!! Looking forward to more!

HS said...

OH...I know it now...I am going to watch the movie on Friday... Will send more comments soon.

Unknown said...

very nice voice..i liked. i just came to know that Bhumika voice was yours.. great going..