Tuesday, November 22, 2005

All over again!

Now next in line, my mother's blog has had some posts removed, by a another devilish mind apparently. And as I see this seems to the be the beginning of super malice in blog world.

As I perceive it, this shoul be happening only because some nitwit/s feel threatened.

And this is no 'harmless prank' which happened in mine and in Priya's blog. In her case her blog was deleted. As so far, only women's blogs have been hacked, I daresay the next one should be another woman.

It is possible that this is some who is sooooo anti- women who blog. So keep rolling whoever-you-are, you are bound to get pulled into quicksand soon.


Soundar G said...

Very sad to hear it chinmayi. I hope she has a backup. I dont understand what kind of fun they (prankster) attain by hurting others. Anyway, hope this problem (bugs) with blogger/blogspot is fixed soon.

BTW, the program for AIDS awareness that you participated in will be telecast this Sunday at 11:30am on Sun TV. For your & others information.



Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,

This is sad to hear. Aunt's blog is so informative. does she have a backup of it. Whom ever does this kind of prank should feel ashamed of it.

Jo said...

I'm sure this time, they're gonna realize this is not fun anymore. And awaiting the results. Thank God, your mom had the backups. I appreciate both of you, since you guys didn't let any of these stopping you from blogging. That's the spirit.

I also heard about the HIV/AIDS concert will be shown in Surya TV (Mallu channel of SUN) on Sunday at night. Hey, you met Richard Gere???

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

sure did meet him

Rathi said...

Dear Chinmayi...some people are just very lame excuses for human beings.
I wonder what more they will come up with.

Sudeep said...

Gosh... i wasnt aware tht someone would hack blogs too. Though i saw tht ur mom had turned off comments i didnt notice this was the reason.. tht really sucks.

U met Richard Gere.. wow. Frm wht i gathered reading ur posts n comments till now is tht u r quite famous in south ... gr8 going. Wish i could understand ur language.