Friday, November 25, 2005

As I have come to know, the show at Hyderabad will be telecast this weekend in the Sun Network channels I guess.

Other than that I am preparing for a concert at Kamaraj Arangam on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

what more? Have been reading, working, singing, watching a few DVD's at intervals, snatching time to sleep, irritating mom with eating... frankly I think eating is one of the most time consuming and boring things to do. And before someone is hitting the comment section without reading through to direct some not so kind words, read me out! :)) I love food. But find the exercise of eating boring. Wish there was some device under which you could stand and you could be instantly energised with the necessary nutrients to lead a healthy life. And you could eat if and when you want to. Not because your stomach protests and you have to go refill. I dont know what kinda girl I am gonna end up to be. But frankly, for the amount of chocolates I consume, generally fatty food, I should have been a samurai wrestler's sister. But thank God for small mercies. Actually this is a huge mercy. I love salads, soups .. and I comfortable with those almost all the time. Its rice and this and that, which bore me. Of course there are days when I crave for Vathakuzhambu and rasam. And if there is one culinary expert who must be pissed off most of the time, that must be mom. She makes great stuff, serves in style, .........To have such a disinterested person in the house, her interest is usually dampened thanks to me. But also she has trained my tongue so well, that I usually dont flinch, ahem flinching at food that is moderately made.

This state of mind has been around for a few months for God knows what reason. Hope this will pass.. thats something to chew on


Anonymous said...

first timer here. Nice blog you have. Nice to have some first hand accounts from a nice singer. I like your songs escly kannathil muthamittal kudos!!
All the very best!

Ramya Shankar said...

Was blogtrotting and landed up here... liked it.! Good luck..!

Soundar G said...

I have a great solution for your current state of mind. Bring about a revolutionary change. Why dont you invade the kitchen and show your mom what kind of a cook you are :). I am sure she will relish the idea (does not mean your food aswell :))!

Just kidding. To be serious, home food is home food & nothing to beat it. Enjoy while its been served. Its all in the mind.



Rathi said...

Chinmayi! I managed to catch the show on Sun Tv yesterday! Great show for a great cause (hope the AIDS message gets knocked into everyone's heads). And the song you sang is one of my all time favourites.
Richard Gere was so cute in the sense that he was trying to follow the words of the finale song.

But a pity, it would have been more wonderful if i had had the chance to see it 'live'.

REFLEX said...

We saw ur on SUN TV's Heroes Project.

Rajesh said...

Wow...What a great bliss to have
wonderful food served by mom..

You wont realize the importance of
it..unless otherwise you are away
from enjoy each and every
meal she makes...

Don't laugh at this.. I want to know the difference between Vatthakuzhambu and Puzhikulambu ..??

sowmya said...

I love that 'kannathil mutham ittal' song. Grade 10 voice!! keep it up! Good performance at the show in hyderabad!