Saturday, October 07, 2006

I once read this quote that goes something like Middle is a time everyone you meet reminds you of someone else. If thats the case, I am well into my middle ages.
Happened to meet one of my classmates today after a couple of years. And I went into the coffee shop. Waited for her to turn up. And then once she came in we caught up on a lot of things. Thats when I noticed a group of girls very politely asking a guy to vacate a 'table' in the coffee house, since they were 5 and he was one. I had a feeling that the girl reminded me of someone. And later she turned to me and said, Hi! we have met. I had met her once, at a friend's wedding and I had spent a lot of my time with her. And as usual, the way time plays its games, we lost touch. And then, well I felt foolish that I couldnt remember her name. I usually have a great episodic memory. But names I dont remember. So then after my friend left, I started talking to her. And then this girl also left, and I got to talking with her friends. I got to know 4 new persons. They said I wouldnt remember their names again. I didnt argue there. But was a great conversation. So we all decided to leave together. And as I was leaving, I saw a junior from school. She came out and did a little bit of a catch-up with her as well.
End of the day, I went in to meet one person, and ended up meeting more than I planned to!
What is the moral of this blog? None.. just random blah

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skar said...

Moral: Plan rendezvous' not for famous coffee houses, but for random potti kodais. :D