Saturday, June 02, 2007

Signature Tune - Podworks

I had promised the Podworks Team that I will bring them a signature tune, and if not for Sid this would not have been possible. Sid is someone who I believe has a super future in the field of music and he also teaches me the basics in Piano whenever he can, and whenever we both find free time.
This is what I could offer as a musician to Podworks. Please give a listen and do let us know how it sounds.
Though I am not turning up for meetings and things because I invariably have concerts during weekends, I am trying to do my smallest bit.
I have been looking forward to this for a very long time now and hopefully this will give me the right impetus to make my own Podcasts in audio and hopefully, video as well in my Blog.
An advantage is that I get to work with some of the best brains in the field of Media, thanks to presenting shows in Vijay TV. In addition to the Directors and Producers in the show, I also get to meet the Editors fleetingly. So, as far as technical advice is concerned, I should get it in abundance.
Now, I am wondering how to make my show, to be cliched, different.
I have been trying like a mad cap to integrate my blog into my comatose website, I should say with no active changes in about 4 years. What seems to be the problem? Lack of time, and I wish I had someone in the family who could make the changes to the website and the need-to-be done-s.
I am unable to make changes on the Blue-Elephant website as well.
So God Willing I shall start 'producing' my own shows on my .com

P.S.: The voice belongs to me. In response to a few people asking me.


Sreekrishnan said...

hey not sure if i can comment this way or not sure if i am right but
Frankly !
- the first 10 sec closely resembles the worldspace signature tune ! probably inspired !

- the 12th sec ...when the flute starts also resembles the airtel tune start (when the percussions starts with the music- is that effect called some reverse cymbal or something -that swish sound!?)-

but what follows after that is tooo good !

Unknown said...

its purely original.. Sounds very very nice!! :P


It was good ! Had a very indo western feel to it ! Were u the voice in the tune Chinmayi ?

Insomniac said...

Nice one !

Created in KORG ?

Anonymous said...

Sounds very nice. Gotta ask though, did you use Garage band ? or do you have logic pro ?

sanjay said...

its perfect! love the part when the flute starts.

Himanshu Sheth said...

The tune was really nice..It is good unconference events finally have a tune.


Jo said...

Very nice.


Hey chinmayi , Just read this month's filmfare edition ! Saw the event coverage of filmfare south edition ! U look like a complete beau in the saree ! And woah ! U danced ! Keep rocking !

Parthi said...

sounds good...but for some reason the beginning and a bit further reminds me of ARR's worldspace tune...sry if thats rude but thats wht i felt

Honey Bee said...

The flute part is too good. Nice thinking and a good effort. I wanted to attend Podworks. I will not be in india that time.

Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

Good arrangement, but I feel the tune heavily borrows from the worldspace theme. But the instruments are very well conducted, mixing could be tad bit clearer!