Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aahaa Kaapi Klub on Aahaa 91.9 FM

I am now given the Godly hours of the morning between 7 and 10 am on weekdays to host Aahaa Kaapi Klub on 91.9 FM.
This comes as a blessing as I have the whole day starting from 10 AM at my disposal to go about my routines and pack in some more learning.
We went live on air this morning and I had my usual jitters. As time goes I should be able to handle it well. And I am getting super support from my people.
I had gone to the Gymkhana Club yesterday evening for the concert of Usha ji celebrating the Independence Day eve. It was great fun, and this was the first time I saw her live in action. She is more than awesome to say the least. The Super singer junior kids were also there, Vignesh, Krishnamoorthy and Saicharan who also sang a song each. And so did I. The way Usha ji interacts with the audience is mind blowing and there is so much to learn from her.
Something that crossed my mind, actually it has been crossing to and fro for quite a while, it is just that people spend so much money in clubs and elitist gatherings. Even the youngsters today decide to blow enough dough pubbing and partying.
Instead of people blaming the government and politicians all the time, would it be so tough if people took matters in their own hands and started eradicating slums? For starters that is? I will not take this crap that India is a poor country. It definitely is not. There is enough money in every country, especially with the people. Its good thing to save for our own gray years and for posterity, but why not get things done with the same money?
I had a fleeting look at a newspaper today, not sure whether it was the DC or the Indian express supplement. It carried an article on two guys who took it upon themselves to work on the potholes themselves. Disclaimer again that I have not read the article, it was only the eyecatcher that I saw. And why because one of the guys is Vijay, who is part of the Knowledge Foundation (a national network of entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts) , whose latest super work was
Kiruba Shankar is also part of the Knowledge foundation, which is how I knew about it in the first place. And also because of Podworks that they organized.
Probably its time that we learnt not to blame another for things that we can rectify. And start working as individuals, small teams and bigger teams, and even bigger teams to see a happier country. I think this should be child's play for school and colleges to achieve, they have the strongest and the most proactive section of the population with them.
BTW with regard to the previous post on trees, G N Chetty road is losing more by the day, and I wonder whether any of the authorities have heard about something called Global Warming. Its not really a new concept, is it?
And yes my show on Aahaa FM also debates such issues. This is in reply to a comment asking me to discuss it. We did it in my show in the afternoon, and it shall continue in a more concentrated fashion. And hey we are giving away diamond rings every hour on the show. 15 diamond rings are up for grabs every week. And if you wanna win, tune in and listen up!

P.S.: I have used this blog as a sounding board sometimes, and sometimes just as a diary logging what goes through my mind sometimes, as a notebook and have let my imagination take flight. I am concerned about the city. And I am not a cribber. I have noticed that there were communities for me on orkut and as of now there are 2000+ members. And I wrote in asking people who are interested to come forward. Of course things like this need constant firing. And dedication. I am as normal as anyone else. I am a singer and most of my time will definitely go in learning. But I want to do my bit. If it works out and if there are people like me who want to get down and dirty their hands, and if it lasts, it will be a dream come true. If it does not work out, I will be glad later that I at least tried wholeheartedly.



Hey chinnu akka !! Its really awesome that U'r willing to use ur status as a celebrity to reach out to people and make a change ! Not many celebs actually do that !...

I would like to see changes happen in India.. Though born and brought up in Singapore , I do feel connected to India as my ancestors and origin is from India.. I would really wanna help out !! So If u need any overseas help You can always ask me babes !!.. Go Gal !!

Anonymous said...

hepy independence day to you and your family members!!
Thk GOD your marathi prob mate can't make it..anyway...hepy independence day...jai hind

Anonymous said...

heya chinmayi,
good to hear that u wanna contribute in ur own way....
one thing i have noticed lately is that people of our age group are not ready to just sit and blame the society and the so called system...
our country has one of the youngest populations in the world.... If all of us come together and work hard to improve just our respective colonies and societies, we can achieve almost everything...
youngsters today are willing to help the nation and that must be secured.....
all of us can contribute in our own way
and i m glad my friends circle keenly take up issues:)
People like you can play a very important role in keeping the fire burning!!
keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


Ananth said...

Hey Chinmayi,

Wanted to comment on the bit where you said "Instead of people blaming the government and politicians all the time, would it be so tough if people took matters in their own hands....."
here the problem is that the govt. is indeed resourceful, and we need to be resourceful enough to take up things. For example, in USA, I don't know if you have seen any construction, but freeways are built with steel and cement. Initially though expensive, the govt can forget about it for the next ten to twenty years and focus on other important things.
More than the example, focus on the approach - They have dealt with very few such projects parallelly, and now, USA is being called the most resourceful and most favorable country to live in.
Corruption happens here too,but patriotism and respect for other individuals is much more than what we all have in India. We use our great history as an excuse to get away from the discussion on development - the day we shed our excuses and march forward, nothing will matter - blaming each etc will happen -but not to the magnitude of true development. What do you say?

Rangasai said...

With a GDP reaching 9%,India is one of the fastest growing economies.Yet we are labelled as a poor country.India has one of the lowest per capita income amongst people below the poverty line,an average 20 rupees a day.What will people do with that kind of money:feed themselves,treat their illness,make plans for education of their wards or build a house.Nothing.We have enough money in our country.The problem is they are in the wrong place.What was showed in Sivaji exactly portrays the state of our country.

People take chopping of trees too lightly,not realising that in the future that there will not be enough trees to provide oxygen and in addition to the load we carry to work daily,we have to tug along a weird looking gadget fitted with an oxygen tank for breathing.This may sound prepostorous but this scenario is highly possible.

Have seen many such trees meet their sad demise.The ones on the Arcot road leading to Porur,in K.K.Nagar,in Mylapore near granny's house.And now G.N.Chetty road.Do the Corporation people have any bloody idea of how long it takes for a tree to attain that much growth and root depth.Some of these trees are well over 80 years and for all the blah blah blah of todays afforestation campaigns and tree planting shammings by local authorities,the chances of growing such a tree are very slim,even if you wait for a 100 years,mainly due to the climatic change and increasing pollution.

P.S:Global warming is a topic which i am sure many of our elected representatives do not understand.Just like we say Adios though we dont know Spanish.

Unknown said...

well, if u r interested in joining hands and doing something there is alot..and the 1st one would be to plant saplings on the road which lost trees...

apart from getting down and doing things hands-on like this, i feel there is 2 more things youth shud do

1.Form an non-political association to voice against burning issues of city. i mean there are some issues which cant be solved when u and me get down to field, like the problem maybe due to some persons. and this need unity to win against..

2. Find as many as similar youth camps in city and integerate all under one roof. Everyone will be interested to unite if their existing power is not grabbed

well all this words are very raw and needs refinement. just typed whatever came in mind

Anonymous said...

Hey chinmayi,

You are doing very well in everything. I would simply say, "you are multi-masala", keep up your good work and you are the only artist that I knew get in touch with fans almost everyday. Thanks you. I just wanted to know, how many songs you sung in "kannathithil muttamiddal" movie bez I only found one song and good luck with you new assignments.


Anonymous said...


I've actually wanted to tune-in into your show, except that my driving time has always been in the morning. I guess this makes it a good time - in all selfish attributes :) I look forward to it.

Actually, Pothole fixing is definitely the easiest to do. Some of us do joke that our ultimatum would be to fix the auto drivers in chennai so that we are not terms abnoxious whenever our friendly neighbours do come and visit the city. There are lots to do, very few laboring hands - so its indeed a pleasure to speak your heart out.

Thanks, for participating..


Anonymous said...

Kiruba Shankar is also part of the Knowledge foundation, which is how I knew about it in the first place. And also because of Podworks that they organized.

Grammar, grammar..tsk tsk. Podworks that they organized??

Unknown said...

Fabulous thought! U have an air show at your command to round up troops for the effort! How about a campaign to have a "clean up day" followed by a tree planting day. This could be preceeded by a fund raiser to collect money for the project. People can donate their "know how" as well as their time and money to get down and dirty! Wish I was there to get in on the act, but am happy to contribute funds from here for any viable project! Well done! India is bound to have a very bright future if there are more people like you joining hands. It makes my spirit soar to see you being an impetus for change. Umaah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chin,

me too having the same thought. It is better to work for ourselves than blaming the government officials. I am ready for the mission.

Roshan Rammohan said...

Good plan. People democracy cannot constantly complain about its government if they don't want to do the dirty work themselves. With you.

drashkum said...

y dont you take up such topic on your radio show and talk about it at length to your listeners i think that would fetch u far more reach than cribbing online

drashkum said...

(contd)or sing a song may be urging people to do more social service and to be more open and focussed

Anonymous said...

what is this .........yawn |-I

Chitra said...

Nice of u to voice out common issues. Good luck for the show :)

Anonymous said...


Question, are we able to listen this radio via online, Aahaa Kaapi Klub on 91.9 FM.


Blogeswari said...

Yes aruthi,
24*7 !

Anonymous said...

I wrote a comment to congratulate you on getting a nice air timing a few days back. I assumed two reasons for it's absence. Either it wasn't necessary since the message is clear or it's not supposed to be published until the 15th.

I hope am right but just wondering whether there could be a reason other than the two I assumed. If so, and if time permits, kindly let me know. Tks.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

yep probably becos it was too early and it was before the official announcement.. I knew that it was in the offing for over two months. But I dont talk about things until they happen..

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

definitely will sheetal
shruthi: i sure hope so
ananth: havent been to the US yet. and yes foresight is something that most people do not have
vijay: hmm.. :)
aruthi: the songs and the list are in my audio blog.. check them out.
vijay: auto drivers should have a different roadway, underground or something like that
akbar: yep.. podworks that the knowledge foundation which consists of some people organized.. where be the error ? ;)
nirmala: I sure hope so.. am getting people in my community in orkut to do something as well !
ranisha: done.. shall let you know
drashkum: ok, first I am not just cribbing!! sing a song? and get into the rigmarole to sell it and market it?
anonymous: insomnia? if my blog helps you cure it, great!
chitra: thanks!

Unknown said...

Send all the auto drivers through some underground eh? :)

Actually, I think most folks are talking about the outrageous rates and the bargaining that follows that. We did a bit of digging and it seems that half the autos are running without permits and they all belong to some cops or politicians - kinda explains why every auto driver who asks for crazy rates is also quite keen to take up a fight. *sigh*

Well, for now the focus is on fixing potholes. We'll see what comes up next.


PS: Listened to your show today morning... laughed my heart out at the "funeral driver joke" :)

Anonymous said...

Aruthi said....
Thank you blogeswari

Anonymous said...

Mrs Usha sung Partha niyabagam illaiyo... with a different lyrics in some other language in the Airtel super singer[junior]. I wish to get that song, in which album it comes. where I can get it.

Gayatri said...

the link blogeswari put in doesn't work.. that's the same as the link from the kumudam website.. i posted a comment about this yday as well.. any solutions??

Surendar Prakasam said...


First of all i have a big doubt. Do all celebs reply their mails, blogs etc.. etc.. by themselves or will have a combination of replied by their helpers (may be anyone). Also another one thing is how ppl like u find time, its pretty difficult to me even being in the non-hefty side.

After reading some of your blogs i suppose that atleast an hour is needed once in two days atleast for reading all the blogs and their comments... Even 1 hr may be such an easy one, still are you people such regular and thats y they r in lime light??

and sorry, i am zero in music knowledge, and happy independence day....

Blogeswari said...


I listen to aahaa almost everyday. If you have a decent broadband connection, it works.

tekvijay said...

What about the TOO HIGH louding Speakers in this tamil month??? An also the road blocking

Anonymous said...

HI...Read the topik today on orkut...felt so happy! U hav a lot of potential as a leader...Realyy..! A Leader-focussed,hardworking N dedicated !! n there u r...!!!
dont drop this Idea under any circumstances..!!
i hav posted few comments on orkut ...if itz useful..:)