Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kumaran Silks "Paadum Office"

The first ever music competition for Corporates will now be telecast on Vijay TV. This has been conducted for the past 5 years off camera and now it was time to make a run-order. I happened to host and I must say that was a lot of fun. Hosting a kids show and then "Paadum office" ... hmmm...
A lot of the gentlemen and ladies who had come to participate could not understand the workings of the Television media, the schedules and the work that was associated with it. We also had some participants from Airtel Super Singer representing their respective companies. After all the ruckus that was associated with Airtel Super Singer, it was kinda strange to see a lot of them solemn and serious. The schedules were hectic since a lot had to be cramped over two weekends. I had to continue shoot through the weekend which would go until Monday morning and then I would have to say please let me pack up and run for my breakfast show on Aahaa FM. But then I thrive in these schedules. :) The judges who came kept asking the contestants to quit their jobs and become professional singers. Only hope that the heads of those companies don't hunt them down after the telecast. The dedication that they exhibited was stunning actually. I hear they used to practise well into the nights after work or come to work at 5 in the mornings because it would be easier for the ladies. Some of the companies actually bought their teams some of the high-end keyboards and instruments to tweak with.. Hmmmmm!
I am not telling who the winners are, will let you discover that on TV.


Schumy said...

That was the first time that I'm participating this competition, schedule was really hectic and make me tired, but after seeing you people working really hard to make it out, I changed my mind to be very calm till the finishing stroke of the show. Hats of to Vijay T.V and their crew members who made the show more presenting. Last but not the least, chinmayi and kavitha the two compirers made the show thrilling with their daunted speech .

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Unknown said...

Is this that short 10 episode thing which you were talking about???

Sudhir said...

Looking good in this jing-bang attire!! :)

Vijay Krishnan said...

this competition has watererd well my growing confidence. Though i couldn't make it to the next level (was rejected in pre-prelims itself), but i got some appreciation. And it was no wonder, when i was sitting along with my friend(who sang Raag Asavari), i was telling him "look now chinmayi is going to enter now", as it was a talent hunt for singing. The next moment u entered the auditorium. Giggles then ;). Expecting more updates on this topic.I was also a bit upset as my friend who sang hindustani was made to wait for his result and later it was announced he was not selected. But It's all Judges' decision.

PurpleHeart said...

Looking forward to it Chinmayi !

Anonymous said...

wow, Looking forward Chinmayi


நாகை சிவா said...

Waiting for the show... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Very much looking forward to it as you host it ;) .. !!
Also My friend has reached till Finals..!!

- Anupriya

Rajan said...

Hi Chinmayi!

I would like to know when the program will be disclosed?

Thanks for Star vijay for transferring this corporate music event into a media.


Unknown said...

For those who do not know yet, this program will be telecast every Saturday 7 pm to 8 pm for the next 10 weeks. The first episode starts on the 24th of this month (coming saturday). It is likely to be repeated on Sunday evening 4:30 pm as per Star Vijay's website.


Sarathy said...

I cant quite make out if you are the same Chinmayee who hosts the show 'Padum Office'. If so, I just want to disclose that I'm very captivated by the show and the talent it is bringing out. Also are you the same Chinmayee who sang the song in 'kannathil muthamittal'? If so, you are an amazing talent as well. Keep it up.