Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Paadum Office

Right from when Paadum Office started airing I have been getting requests from people that want to participate. The entire set of episodes of Paadum Office was shot over two weekends in October. Naturally, because all the participants were office goers and the team couldn't shoot over a longer time. Also there have been a lot of people mentioning about my talking in English in Paadum Office. There were a lot of Non Tamilians who participated in the competition, people who could not understand or speak English. And I don't believe in asking someone a question and then translating it.
And since all the people who participated conversed mainly in English, the language flowed naturally.
So this is just a disclaimer of sorts [:)] that no new participation is possible. The corporate talent hunt has been a huge hit for the past few years, since this has been conducted by Mr James Vasanthan off-air. If you haven't heard about it, it could just be because your organization hasn't been in the know, or hasn't evinced interest. The corporate talent hunt happens every year. I have no idea whether it will return on Television, but if I happen to hear about participation beforehand, then I shall certainly post details here.


Anonymous said...

So this is just a disclaimer of sorts [:)]

Orkut effect?[:))]...Oops :)

Vasanthan said...

i watched it on TV and i was impressed at the talent that some of the singers had!

maxdavinci said...

I try to catch your morning show in the evenings here(US) while I'm cooking.

I must say your diction is very good, frag all that are against it.

keep the good stuff comin.....

Anonymous said...

is there any plan to have a super singer program this year chinmayi?


Unknown said...

Hello Chinmayi,

I am a fan of you, from Oru theivam thantha poove..and you do the hosting so well for Paadum office. Last week, I saw the finals of lightmusic solo and was very impressed, please send the contact email for Divya Ramani,I would like to send 2-3 lines wishing her.

Thanks and keep up the good work,


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

anonymous: I dont know what you are affirming.. do clarify :) "I feel the same refers to what?"

Anonymous said...

இந்த year super singer music program Vijay tv இல் இருக்க, இருந்தால், i wish they would select you to host...Good Luck!
Looking f/w another wonderful show.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

anonymous: I said that a hundred thousand times in tamizh.. magudam sooda pogum...just to break the monotony, I said the same thing in English.. By the way I always signed off Airtel super singer with a "Bye" in either spanish italian or German.. is that a problem too?? And also, I am not a presenter by profession. I am a singer, who presented a show, because the brains behind a show wanted a playback singer to host it. The logo of almost every thamizh channel is in English. I don't see why we should be so fanatic about the usage of the other languages. I think we must be open enough to accept other languages and preserve the antiquity and the greatness of our language. And that starts with pronouncing Thamizh properly. "Zha" "Ra" and "La" are not pronounced as they should be... perhaps its time to correct the basics first?

Anonymous said...

I am a first time visitor, Apart from being a fan of your singing, I;m very impressed with your blogging.. The thing that prompted me to leave a comment is that I finally find a Tamilian emphasizing on not being a language fanatic but instead respect the langauage by speaking it right! I am a tamilian born and bred in Bangalore until I moved to the UK 5 years ago.. have met scores of tamilians and have had innumerous arguments ..the respect you give to the language is not by condeminng the use of other langauages but by speaking the language right.. keep the good work going !


Anonymous said...

Chinmayi, sometimes it takes time to understand :)

Vijay Krishnan said...

what a relevance to your comment.
i'm not against tamil but we need english to converse, to communicate either speak or write.
if a person like tamil, i sing a welcome note for him for having respect towards his mother tongue. but i'm against calling a person who speaks in english whereever necessary, as "PETER". then why use english in mails or letters or anything. fonts in tamil are available, so let them send all their communications in tamil and get things done. will it happen? being in an mixed culture, can u send a tamil mail to your korean/german/american boss. will they understand.
i feel bad for i know only two languages and would feel difficult if i go out of tamil nadu. i also amend the usage of tamil letters, do people use la,zha and lla properly. they use la for everything.even tamil scholars are like that.
hope i had conveyed what i intend to convey.

Anonymous said...

Paadum Office - really super. Many were not aware of such a programme. Will there be a season 2 of this competition?

Many of my friends are good singers, but do not have classical background. Though not a singer myself, would like to encourage my friends to be part of it.

I liked the team performance. Song "Nee mama Nee mapillai" from the movie "Bale pandiya". - Revathi

Meena said...

Hi Chinmayi, I would appreciate if it is possible for you to send the song sung by Divya Ramani in final in mp3 format, that was simply super. I would love to listen again and again.

Anonymous said...

hi chinmayi, can u plz tell me ur mail id and also my req is ... plz talk a few words in telugu when u r conducting ur programme on aaha fm.

Yousuf Qureshi said...


Does anyone have any contact email/address for Divya Ramani? I found her songs on youtube and wanted to find out where she is based out of.