Friday, December 17, 2010

Keeping my pledge for the Kannamma Project

Has been possible thanks to contributions on 16th and 17th December from

Kranthi Kasibhatla 
Shivakumar Narayanan 
Kavitha C
A.S.Arul Susidhar 
Balaganeshkumar P
Subha M
  Deepak Chander
  Vinod Prabhu
  Rajan B
  Ravi K Terala
  Subash Thyagarajan
  Adhvika G 
  RK Thanjavur
  Pramod V
Narayanan Ravi Chandran 
  Chinmayi Vinayakam
  Karthik Veluchamy
B S Raji 
Sivaramakrishnan Sankaran
Divya Kumar
      Vamsi Krishna        
Naveen Varadarajan
Mugil Arunan
M Ganesan
Sankaranarayanan Natarajan
Saravanakumar Gopiraj
Nathan Subramani
Aarthi Subramani
Vijay Chidambaram
Senthilkumar Murugesan
Sudarshan Prabu
Manoj MC
Narendra A
C Ganesan
Sundar Andaperumal
Santa Claus
Ajay Vejendla
Guru Prasath
Rajhee Muthukumar
Vijaya Kumar Babu


When I actually signed up for this, I had no clue how this would work, whether I would be able to achieve this through social media and get the word out about NalandaWay and the Kannamma Project. Was a little nervous about keeping the pledge. 
Hardly thought it would be done in 5 days starting from the 13th to before the end of 17th December. I had not asked anyone for funds to support any organization before. Whenever they came to I performed free and helped raise funds and made personal donations whenever possible. There was a standing joke in the community around that C for Charity is also C for Chinmayi. After a point I was giving only charity concerts and kinda also forgot that sometimes charity needs to also begin at home. Jokes apart, the response to the Kannamma project through Twitter, Facebook and also this blog has been heartwarming. 
Once again Thank you to the contributors mentioned in this post and to those in the post below. You all have brightened the lives of so some beautiful girls out there and I wish that every time they smile, the warmth and happiness reaches your heart too. Every time they laugh may the joy find a resonance in your being. And every time their eyes light up, may you have brightness in your vision, literally or figuratively, as you may need it. May your dreams find fulfillment as the dreams of these children which are on their way to it. 
God Bless and I ll tell Santa to pay you guys a visit this Christmas :p


ILA (a) இளா said...

Drastically your blog post has been reduced over years, though you have more hits nowadays. Happy New Year!

Anees said...

Good gesture your awesomeness

siva said...

chinmayiji, u missed out my name in your thanks list. :)anyway keep up the good work.

Devi Vj said...

Hi Chinmayee..wishin u a wounderfull year ahead..n want to inform u tht ur song from Endhiran is first in 100 songs countdown here in Singapore..last yr also was urs from Aadavan..very happy for u..take care

Unknown said...

The "" is erroring out . Unable to donate money. Do you have any other means , so I can donate ?