Thursday, November 24, 2011

The believer

Usually is someone optimistic. Or so I think. Has hope. Someone who believes in the nicer side of things. The truer side of things. Or people. But more often than not the believer is the one who gets sorely tested. Till he is, well, quite sore. 
The ones who care zilch for things like values or ethics seem to have easier, less testy times. Actually none at all. But then that is a third person's opinion. I would never know what someone goes through.

But more often than not, if I scream out to God it is asking whither fairness? Whither justice? And how much longer will it be before the 'deivam ninru kollum' happens?

The only time I probably forget is when I sing my heart out. And I did so in Cochin and I am grateful for that experience. My mom was happy with what I sang and that happens very rarely. She is not one to compliment. 

Trials tribulations and sometimes just excreta happens. And that, I figured is my life.


kavya said...

yep, it happens to everyone. Even though not good at singing I too try the same, wenever I feel low and tat has helped me a lot :)

Lakshmipathy said...

At times it feels so good to get comments from the family.It means a lot right. Congrats.

Destination Infinity said...

Whether you would like to believe it or not, there is a super-human power administering justice to all the subjects on earth.

And don't go by the external attitude of people who cheat and give zilch to values/goodness. They torment others and torment their own mind, even more.

And congrats on the heart-fulfilling performance in Cochin. Wishing you many more like that...

manki said...

Jeyamohan's Ezhaam Ulagam novel gives a glimpse into the world of people who don't live by common morals. Reading that may help. No one has it all easy.

My share of life said...

This one is direct from your mind/heart, i dare to say. So honest, there were no pretentions necessary. God bless Mom and you.

Anonymous said...


Dont worry. Not flattering . But from whatever i have seen you are much more talented than a whole bunch of also- rans out there.

Delays or not denials.

Im sure you will get your due. There will definitely be light at the end of the tunnel.

God Bless!!!

Srilatha Rajagopal said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Things always always work out in the end - I have seen it happen so don't lose hope. I hope you find peace. You have a beautiful voice and talent that I would give my right arm for! I have never written to a total stranger like this!

Just wanted to tell you that I am a big fan of yours and am just in love with your song from "engeyum eppothum" - "chotta chotta".


பவித்ரா said...

hi dont give up chinmayi. you have got many things that most of the people does not have. take thinks in optimistic way as u always


Blogi said...

your observation is right, your values and your adherence to ethics/justice , will add constraints to the task. And this constraints will have an effect on your life. It will be tough.

Any how, I adore your style of writing. Great!!

Anonymous said...

Your constant admirer. Good One. I liked it.

$uperman kutty said...

At your blog page after ages (months dan, no big build up!)....... and I chose to read this first.............turns out something frustrating happened to me today....... HOW DID I REACT?...... thinking of the only people who love me and listening to 'Deivam thanda poove', bud in me an indescribable sense of calm...... nothing in this world that good music cannot change. Oh in another six months its ten years since Kannathil mutham ittal right?!
2002 my board exam year and your song was my sitter! Thanks to you and Mr.ARR for the song.