Sunday, January 22, 2012

Flipping pages

Happened to read posts that I wrote when I had begun blogging. It's interesting to see what we have written at times and to go back and perhaps reflect on the decisions and the thought process we'd have had. And especially when such logs are in a public domain for all to see.

There was this phase where I wrote absolutely random prose on nothing in particular. But perhaps if I had not blogged it here I would have totally forgotten. Books get misplaced. Papers get torn. And devices are exchanged. Seems like the internet is the place of ever after.

However the exercise of changing this space into a proper website has been a work in progress for aeons. Wonder if I ll get this done this year at least. Ah, well. Resolutions....!!!


Karthik said...

Chinmayi Encyclopedia.... everything abt you even your thoughts are here. :)

A Fan who wanted to call you 'The Singing CEO' said...

Hi Chinmayi,

After looking at the comments from different people on your blogs, i was reminded of the following quote by Ben Franklin.

I am very sensible that it is impossible for me, or indeed any one writer to please all readers at once. Various persons have different sentiments, and that which is pleasant and delightful to one, gives another disgust. - Ben Franklin

Anonymous said...

I am professional writer for a living, so I speak with experience when saying how impressive your writing is. It is free form, and never fails to capture your imagination and emotion. Keep up the good work.

Kalyan said...

All the best. Keep going

Anonymous said...

i'm not a regular blogger.actually you were one of the first bloggers whom i started to follow.REASON-"sry to say but its a long story i would say"
i saw you missing from airtel super singer show when google gave me your identity apart from a singer as a CEO of a company-that too a translation company named blue elephant,i was impressed.
on further googling i came across this blog of yours.the post that u posted that day was titled "don't buy skoda".after reading them i went through the other posts and saw another post which said-"fresh voice to sing with chinmayi on stage"-further impressed.then on wards i'm a constant reader of your blogs.reading ones daily blogs felt like reading someones autobiography which has endless pages.At times you have even motivated me for multitasking(a CEO,a singer,a dubbing artist)-apart from all these who even gets time to tweet regularly:-).
i have always liked your songs right from the one from kannathil muthamittal to the one in vaagai sooda.keep writing and do have a great future ahead of healthy,happy and prosperous life.and do not forget to give soothing songs at times in midst of your busy schedules..
with regards,

S.Silambarasu said...

This is a super lovely post!This post makes me smile and cry at the same time thinking of my school time. :)