Friday, March 15, 2013

Organizations I support

I'd like to introduce 17000ft Foundation run by Sujata Sahu.Read up about them here I intend to volunteer this summer. Sujata left the corporate world to help educate kids in Ladakh. Sujata and her organization was introduced to me by Prasanto who is a Green evangelist. Tech writer, analyst, and is Building India's 1st TERI GRIHA green home.

I intend to help Sujata help raise funds for this year and in the future. If you can donate/volunteer, please do.

From the beginning of my career I have raised funds for so many charities which would usually mean singing for free that I started joking if I all the concerts I do are without payment, I ll soon have to do a concert for the cause of Chinmayi ;)

I have been and shall continue to be associated with a couple of organizations that are introduced to me by friends/family I know and trust.

Sujata needs to raise funds for the kids in Ladakh and I shall be helping her in my own small capacity. If you would like to donate / help raise the funds her organization needs via social media / volunteer please be in touch with them.

Another organization that I have been supporting, that helps kids and tribal women in and around Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is Ahambhumika. I came to know about Ahambhumika through Gul Panag.

Do help or volunteer as you may deem fit and please help spread the word.

Thanks in advance.


Sujata Sahu said...

Thank you, Chinmayi! Totally appreciate your unconditional support.

We work with a few thousand children in Ladakh, who live in areas that are so remote, that it takes a few days of a trek to reach. These are areas that are so desolate that even local Ladakhis consider them remote, and tourists bypass these areas to visit the more popular ones. These villages receive very little attention. There are little kids in these villages, with just a few homes and one tiny little school.

If we said that tiny meant a school with five children, would people believe us? If we mentioned that we physically visited 370 of these schools, (which took us 3 months to do) and that each of them was in full attendance, with teachers and students in uniform, eager to study, would people find that hard to believe? If we told you that these kids go to schools, even when the temperatures drop down to -15 degrees, I wonder what people would say.

Ladakh has about 900 such schools spread across its harsh terrain and the average student strength of these schools is 25! We've got
some amazing stories to tell, of courage, determination and simple faith, that we observed in these wonderful people.

We are just a year old, but we have managed to accomplish a lot. We've setup libraries in 100 schools already and are on a mission to help the little children read. We've also sent furniture and material and books and clothing to schools on horseback, as there are no roads that reach there. We've trained teachers and have a plan to conduct reading programs every month.

This year, we would like to focus on infrastructure improvement of the schools, making the village schools attractive and engaging for the children. We'd like to give them playgrounds and simple sports equipment, which a majority of them do not have. We'd also like to setup colourful furniture in their classrooms, so they can avoid sitting on the hard, freezing floors.

All of this takes money, effort and commitment. We do need a lot of help. It is not everyone who understands how difficult life can be in Ladakh. I am truly grateful and touched that you chose to support our cause and spread the word. From all of us at 17000 ft, thank you!

Honestly, I have yet to meet a person so much in the limelight as you, and as targeted as you are, and still as simple and giving as you are. On a lighter note, if you ever have to do that Charity to support Chinmayi Concert, I will be the first to donate back! :)

Thank you again, and hope to see you and your fans voluntour with us in Ladakh.

To all your friends and fans, please stay in touch with us through facebook ( also and write to us if you would like to help out.

With warm wishes from 17000 ft!

Sujata Sahu

Avinash said...

Hi Mam,

We have been contributing our small parts to aham bhumika seeing your tweets. ill continue the same and also contribute to 17000ft

pavithra said...

hi chinmayi, came to know abt ahambhumika through ur tweets and am helping them in d means i can. There are lot of organization lyk this which even dont know how to seek help since none of them are educated enough to use social media. Apart from helping ahambhumika am searching for trust lyk things and helping them whom cant seek help from others. Feel happy tat i came to know abt one more through you. Thanks chin. Gr8 gng. Bye