Friday, June 26, 2009

The Isaiaruvi Awards nominees

I happened to mention that you could vote through Bharat Student.
Cast your vote for your favorite artists and the link is here.


jishu said...

Hai akka,
Found the link couple of days ago and i have already voted for ur song Aavaram poo,chinnamma,Aavaram poo,chinnamma..and vice versa for many times..and now, time to get back to the nomination list..bliss!
Advance wishes..!

Kalasbhojanam said...

Hey Chinmayii, the website you have mentioned shows virus threats..

santhosh P kumar said...

Hi, Chinmayee I have voted for you, Dr.Illayaraja, Valli,Kamal Hassan and Asin.

Good luck
Santhosh P Kumar

santhosh P kumar said...

chinmayeee listen to illayaraja's Vaalmiki songs. Which has excellent score of raja sir. He is always great. We live for his music

Vinod Prabhu Nagarajan said...

looks funny!!
I could see Bela shinde - a mesmerising voice ( which sung man mohana from jodha akbar and chinna sirusuga from KPKP) is nominated for "Best singer -MALE".

Appears like a small mistake, but shouldn't they be looking into all this carefully.

do they really care for the musicians
It all appears like just to promote the channel rather than the love for music and musicians.

Bala.Venkataraghavan said...

Thanks for updating it. Have casted my vote!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chins......many thanks for posting the link. I'll vote for u atleast a hundred times and by rigging if possible. I should prove to u How Great fan of u I'm.

பட்டாம்பூச்சி said...

I have cast my vote for Avarampoo song buddy :)
Advance wishes!!!