Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You know..

There are times in your life where your belief and the trust in people especially in the professional scenario is shattered to an extent that you think that the ground beneath you has cracked. It is happening to me for the second time this year. When the people you look up to, respect and trust to a fault turn out to be otherwise I wonder what life is all about. I followed some professional advice implicitly and all I see is a brilliant web I find myself in. We couldn't see it being spun. All because of trusting to the extent of not questioning anyone or even double checking. When my mother's instincts went into alarm mode, we decided to get into verifying the goings-on and are currently gaping to see the outcome and wondering how things came to pass. It happened once at the beginning of this year and it has happened again. And at this point in time, I hope and pray that this will be for the last ever time.
I realize that when I attempt to push the envelope in everything that I do and strive to go where no one has, as a student of music or anything that I might do, I realize that upsets a lot of people. That has been quite a constant in my life and my mother's.
Someday when I really become a true achiever, if and when I decide to write a biography of my mother's life and my role in hers and our collective experiences, the people we have seen, of course everything will be from a personal standpoint it could probably be a quite a wake-up call for most people. And for a lot of them, it might not be something new at all.
But now it makes me wiser. At one point in time, an expert on the stars predicted that I would not trust a soul in this world and would be super cautious. Then and actually to an extent even now it seems far fetched as my basic makeup is to trust and not doubt. I'd rather trust in the innate good that people have rather than be warped.
But perhaps I am heading towards the realization of that prediction, perhaps it was more like counsel.
I cannot and do not think I will be able to elucidate further, but to you, the reader of this blog, in a very silent way you contribute to a facet of my life. And there are some of you who make yourselves heard in the comments, there are a couple of things that I would like to share. Take it, maybe, with the proverbial pinch of salt.
I have learnt that nothing matters more than honesty, dignity, values and ethics. Even when tested, hold ground. My mom's life has been an example and continues to be. My grandad was another person who stood for values and honesty. Of course I would never know anyone else as well as I have seen my mother and her experiences. I have been taught and belong to the same mould. I also realize that when you are on the path of being straightforward, there are fewer people who like you and fewer people that compliment you on the way you are made because it upsets their pattern of life. But nonetheless, I can promise you that when this lifetime as you ends, you are not going to be wondering how many people you have pleased or what kind of a good certificate you have got. You would only be reflecting on the times spent, and no one else matters. And if at that point you were dissatisfied with what you have done and the choices you have made, you are going to be coming back to the same plane, presented with the same choices until you learn to make the right choices. That which is just and that which is righteous.
And another thing, we are all blessed with something called a gut feeling. Something that the learned will call "the voice of the higher intelligence". When something does not feel right, even if you are asked to make a certain choice or do something by someone you hold in high regard, trust your instinct first. And if your parents are blessed with it, follow that. You are your own counsel and judge. More often than not, you would be right. Trust yourself and to be able to have the guts to listen to your inner voice, they say meditation helps. I don't meditate myself but I guess my music practice sessions come close to that. Nonetheless I am going to be trying this soon.
No matter how tough things might be, trust yourself, trust your choices and decisions when they perhaps landed you in hot water, own up and get into damage control. And do not regret that you decided to do something. It had to come to pass and it is OK. Trust in the creator and if there are times that seem difficult, though I pray for you that you may never really have times that are very difficult - they could perhaps just skim the surface and show you a "Jhalak" but no more - hold ground, do the right thing and may God be with you.
And as I have said before, my blog is sometimes reflective. And most of the passages here I tell myself because I guess I want to hear this. This is more or less a blog to myself. But also to you
God bless and take care.


Shobana said...

I am sorry that something like this is happening to you repeatedly, but I am glad you have a mother who is super tuned in to your life and that her instincts are working in ur favor. It is very hard to be a straightforward person, these days, because no one wants to hear the bitter truth. They'd rather hear a highly gilted false truths, despite it being a destructive thing.

I see that you are a Virgo? All virgo's have this issue...me included. All these u have talked about are virtues of the virgo...not sure if it is fortunate or otherwise.

I won't blame the world for the way it is...each person is different and each has their own way of living. So, trust in urself and ur mom and if u believe in God, that too. "Vaaimaiye vellum". Rock on!

DE said...

Dear Chinmayi,

I don't usually post the comments. But your article compelled me. I was watching a Vijay Mini Byte song of yours yesterday and wondered about you. When I came across this blog, didn't want to miss the chance of saying Hi.

You come out as a very genuine person and you were like a breeze in Super Singer.
Trusting is good, Trust with caution is better.

Take Care, Dhevi

Sowmya Gopal said...

this made me retrospect quite a bit and I have to write something down in black and white for the sake of my own clarity !

my 2 cents(aka golden rules that make my life interesting!):

Always give people the benefit of doubt.

Have no expectations (easier said than done!)...this is ofcourse relative but fewer the expectations, fewer the disappointments ergo more self-accountability.

Adherence to 'this too shall pass' when things seemingly don't go right (seemingly because of what we think is right!)

santhosh P kumar said...

Hello chinmayee,

I dont have words to comment for your words, still iam wonderd how you get time to think all this in this busy ground.

(I also realize that when you are on that path of being straightforward, there are fewer people who like you and fewer people that compliment you on the way you are made because it upsets their pattern of life.)

These words are really touching every corner of my Heart.

May Almighty God Bless you.

Take care Bye........

santhosh P kumar

Anonymous said...

Hey Chinmayi,

I can understand very well what you are going through right now as this happens in life to everyone. Just remember that you are not the only one in for the rude shock of broken trusts. One thing is never stop trusting others just because of such incidents. Life must go on..you cant change others and same way cant change one's own self for the sake of others mistakes. If you try to change your nature of trusting for the sake of such morons then its gonna take a toll on you. Sometimes life teaches good lessons in hard ways. :-) Good that you blogged on this. I hope you feel lighter and better after venting it out. Now forget it and go ahead with your day today life with your own enthusiasm.Perhaps one day the other person will learn the right and wrong.

Viji R

rajesh said...

Hi chinmayee

It was indeed an great post that we were able to relate this in our own life. It really gave lot of positive energy and hope while reading. Best wishes for such wonderful posts. GOD Bless!


B said...

Chinmayee, not sure how to respond on this post as there are some personal aspects to this. And you said it beautifully that a blog is in somewhat like a mirror you hold to yourself.

Its great dilemma many of us go through whether to instinctively trust or suspect before letting them into to your inner circle. There are merits & de-merits of both approaches. It also depends on how tough you are as an individual. The tougher you are, you can remain trusting. After lots of internal dilemma, I have decided to remain instinctively trusting... Else, life could be hell...

Especially, for the 1st few years after leaving the cocoon of your parents & into the turbulent currents of ocean of life. Your integrity is tested & so are your values. I have gone through this & honestly I have failed a few times in holding on to values my parents taught me. However, it’s a fight we should not give up as you said, at the end of it all, its all about yourSELF & no one else matters…

Vaish said...

This sounded something like reading the very right lines at the right time.
Almost in tears.....somehow your words fitted my time. Like when you are waiting for something to finish off the jigsaw to make you feel better.
Thanks. God bless you. Sustaining over and surviving is not impossible.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some happening has caused deep wound.Let God give the courage to U and ur mom to come out of this.Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

true as you said such experinces are met by many and can be related to the such experiences that you have met/had.. but its hard when it happens unexpected when such events takes place right infront of your eyes and it goes unnoticed ..yes trust the gut feeling and your inner voice but how many times we questioned it like over ten million times, doubted and blamed it on ourselves like oprah said we as humans are programed in such a way to ignore everyting in life and depend on others for answers when the answer is right infront of you...when it only requires to think twise before trusting someone.. the more we question things that are around us the more answers and clarifications we get... great leaders much as Mahatma Gandhi started with a simple question "why can't I travel on the 1st class coach?"(holding his valid 1st class ticket) that lead to the answer of India's independence

kas (Eelath tamilan) from canada

Sridhar, USA said...

I can understand the situation you are in. I don't know who, where and when. The face or name of the person is not important. It is the same kind of people wherever you go. They have been there bfore even in Bhagavath Gita Age or now. Thats why they say Human is an animal.
Again I understand your situation. You are not alone and it happens to us all. Sometimes we also would have done something without our knowledge.

"And Miles to go before we sleep and miles to go before we sleep"

sandy007 said...


I can say, these times are testing times in a person's life. You need to pass the test and bend to the situation and not break at this point. Everything will be alright. Your words are too strong and let out a strong feeling.

God bless!! I pray that all the readers get to read a more cheerful and happier blog very soon.

Your ardent fan n follower...

Sundari said...

Whenever something goes against you..just think that..you are going to become much more stronger...There is someone above to take care of us among all the difficulties...Let God Be with you always

MADHAV said...

Hi Chinmayi
Very true. Gut feeling works! But gut feeling might sometimes suggest a thing/idea thats contrary to what facts/circumstances present. There might not be a logical explanation to it, yet, gut feeling works most of the times.

If someone you trust fools you first time, its their mistake. If it happens a second time, its your mistake. Thats some sort of an old adage.

But let that not make us distrustful of people around. I am certain, when you trust people, you will retain good people as friends/family around you. This might come at the cost of getting deceived by some people unworthy of our trust, but believe me, its worth it, since you are surrounded by people who are worthy of it and those people will be there for you!

Thanks and regards

Unknown said...

Hi Chinmayi

Couldnt agree with you more! Honesty and Integrity are two essential qualities for a teacher/guide. I have had the experience of asking advise from people whom I hold in the highest regard only to be let down. I agree 100% that we should trust our instincts and back our abilities.

Niranjana Nammalvar said...

Hi Chins,

This happens in everyone's life. Even I was in the same phase like you a week ago. I have loads of faith in the creator which made me come out from the web woven around me. Slowly I feel such incidents mould my character. "Dont care about all these things, keep concetrating on the things which are yet to be achieved by you", this was my mom's advice. This holds good for you too...Cheer up young lady.

SHAN said...

GOD is with you and blessing allways chinmayee



Unknown said...

Whan will u be back in ahaa kappee klub?

Anonymous said...

Hello Chinmayee. I have been following your blog for quite sometime. And after reading this particular entry of yours I'm unable to leave without posting a comment. I can totally understand and empathize it. It is the same feeling that dawned upon me a few months back and that's when I decided to start blogging. I couldn't share my feelings to anyone, couldn't trust anyone. I had and still have a million friends, but again, I have none at all. I can't trust a single soul after the shattering experiences. The world is sometimes big and bad. Many people are not what they are with us. And sometimes we are so blind to believe in them. And when we trust that they'll be with us during the rainy days, we're proven wrong. And that's when we are enlightened. We can thank them for one thing, the lessons they teach us about the world.

I'm sure you'll get over this and gain a ton of maturity and a wiser outlook. As you said, this blog is more to yourself. Sorry for the lengthy comment. God Bless. And All the best.

Krishnan KR said...

Chinmayi, Have you read J.Krishnamurthi's books ? What do you think ? What do you have to say about his writings ?

Vinod Prabhu Nagarajan said...

nice blog... life continues to teach us something throughout our life.

Srini said...

i think its time for you to take a break
just fly off to some good tourist spot and spend some days and come back

wish u all the best

Maddy said...

""I can promise you that when this lifetime as you ends, you are not going to be wondering how many people you have pleased or what kind of a good certificate you have got. You would only be reflecting on the times spent, and no one else matters. And if at that point you were dissatisfied with what you have done and the choices you have made, you are going to be coming back to the same plane, presented with the same choices until you learn to make the right choices. That which is just and that which is righteous""

Guess you have written the crux of what every religion says.

I would like to repeat the words "I pray for you that you may never really have times that are very difficult "".....but want to be little selfish. Without those difficulties, Chinmayi would not write these kind of beautiful blog.
With a pinch of salt like this, May you be blessed in life always.

Priya H said...

Sorry to know that something bad happened...
When people with "bad experiences" advices me that I am being innocent and that "we should not trust/believe anyone"... i used to think, how can we live without trusting anyone? But after a few bad happenings I understood that I took the "face value" of the above advice. It is just that we have to trust but at the same time be ready to defend ourselves if that trust has been misused.
Well, I hope and pray that you come out of this shock/loss soon.
I am sure this will be the last time.... Thathasthu...

Arch said...

Well said! Atleast you told it out now that it is not easy. On one of those lazy afternoons, I was discussing about your blog post on What you would like to see in India, and particularly referring to one particular comment of yours where you mentioned, you have never bribed anyone till date. I was kinda astonished to see that it has become a state of apathy to convince people to take the straight way. When I was talking this to my friends, they told - may be she lies, no one can ever be that way! I was like - How sad! We have even lost the belief that things can be worked straight forward - Forget doing it!

Anonymous said...


I know u r a wounder full person n u can do much better things rather than thinking abt the past happenings..cheer up.

Maddy said...

First of all, i hope you get out of this not-so-happy state very soon. Apart from that, I think your blog has been really instrumental in bringing out something similar in everyone. The 24 comments above me stand testimony to the fact that there are many people around, reflecting similar views as yours, on choosing the righteous path.
More importantly, the 2nd observation is that, there are many who really wish others get out of their suffering. Not just because its chinmayi. People aren't really happy seeing other people in a distressed state. I can see that your blog has brought out a burst of positive energy flowing around. My 1st thanks for that!

If there are many people who are not trustworthy, there must be atleast an equal number of the trustworthy kind too, like everything else in this world is... Just that we have to go and search for them or even better, become one of their kind.
U have made us all think, chinmayi! My 2nd thanks for that!

And as u said,like ur blog posts, the comments in this column are also reflective, a means of self-talking. And you know sumthing? By initiating that, you are doing a big good to the society, atleast the society which comprises of ur blog followers.My 3rd thanks for that!

And finally, all i can wish is this: "GODSPEED GOOD PEOPLE".. Your very own, very positive words.. And just like your episodes, "whatever happens, whoever is missing, the show has to go on!" Just that this time around, the show has a different name - LIFE!

Anonymous said...

You were mentioning about spelling mistakes in your previous post. Just wanted to let you know that defacating is a spelling mistake, it should be defecating. :-)

Anonymous said...

You were mentioning about spelling mistakes in your previous post. Just wanted to let you know that defacating is a spelling mistake, it should be defecating. :-)

Mystical Taurean said...

i am regular to your blog, but never commented. This time jus wanted to leave a msg.

Sorry to hear this happening to you twice in such a short time.

It had to come!!! I did and it will leave...and will never turn back...God be with you!!!

Vikram said...

take care.

Can you add yourself in twitter so it is easy to read your posts.

you can link your blog rss to twitter using http://twitterfeed.com/


Raghavan said...

Passing Clouds Chinmayi. You are a rock star and will always be one !

jishu said...

Hai akka,
ALL must run our journey of life,but with lots of difficulties.We people are not obviously the creator of those difficulties.Difficulty is the soil in which all manly and womanly qualities best flourish.His very failures,throwing him upon his own resources,cultivate energy and resolution;his hardships teach him fortitude;his successes inspire self-reliance.Discretion is the salt and fancy the sugar of life;the one preserves,the other sweetens it.I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic,and we have to stock it.It is the mistake to think that the little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent.It is therefore,not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.
I believe that somewhere things will get straightened out.There'll be a kind voice and healing hands.He'll smooth away the fever and bind up the broken-hearted.
da locum melioribus,nil desperandum.
in toto,fiat lux

vanitha said...

Hi Chinmayi,
There is a saying!
Wishing you to take the lesson and be more careful in the future! Come out of it and be as usual..
Ardent fan of yours!
writing here for the first time.
God is there and watching!!

Pragmatic said...

Most of our solutions come from within ourselves. We are the root cause of our own problems. It is easy to point fingers at others. Even if the other person is unreliable, it is our own fault not to have identified his / her intentions and act accordingly. If we don't develop this approach, everyday we are going to face these kind of issues repeatedly.

anuradha said...

Hey Chinda,

I neither have the age nor the experience to advise on how to handle this situation. But I would say it is these situations that make us more mature & more realistic. Just keep travelling and move ahead in life... when we turn back and look at these after 10/15 years, we would realize that it happened for good.......

- Anuradha Shivakumar

Priya said...

Hi Chinmayi,

It is quite disturbing when you come across these things in life...think its for the good and move on....its fortunate you got to know about them atleast now...

by the way was surprised to know, you not being a part of super singer final event. you have been a part of it all along and how come we did not get to see you...

Take care


Pavithra Vijay said...


நம்பிக்கை துரோகம் என்பது இந்த உலகத்தில் புதிது இல்லை. நம்பி கழுத்து அறுப்பதில் சிலர் ரொம்ப கை தேர்ந்தவர்கள்...இதுக்கு எல்லாம் நம்ம கவலை பட்டால் அதுக்கு மட்டும் தான் நேரம் சரியாய் இருக்கும்...இந்த மாதிரி நேரத்தில் நாம் மனோ தைரியத்துடன் இருக்க
வேண்டும்..கொஞ்சம் கஷ்டம் தான்...ஆனால் பழகி விடும்...

So Chinmayi, cheer up...there are more and more hurdles to be crossed in life...We are so young and born to achieve so much...

This blog also came as a relief to me when I was in stressful times. So a big thanks to you.

Take care.

Pavithra Vijay

Madman said...

hi chinmayee,

onething clear is that you were in a sober mood writng this post. I am pretty much from the same school of thought, not straight forward. Happy to see a soul that echoes my views, Treat that betrayal or whatever it is as a blessing in disguise.
(please check the line spacing it looks awful)

Anonymous said...

Chinmayi San...

I dont get it...What is your problem ... How people are stupid or how people are smart ????

Live simply,Love Deeply..Laugh often !!!

hav fun and dont suffer fools !!!

Karthikeyan said...

Ur Usage of english words are superb and the usage of high frequency words are brilliant.....These Things happen to everybody..Things like this happen to me almost everyday....In the begining i woul feel very dejected....But i realised those kind of persons never deserved my care...I heard that ur a very bold girl...My Suggestion to u for this is don't expect anything from anybody and give the best u can when they cum to u....U rock always....Please don't back from aha coffee club...Keep rocking and make ur diehard's like rocking

Ur diehard Fan

Kothai said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Dont worry. Thank God that u hv realised the truth atleast now before u become too weak to stand again.

May God Bless u that u wil be happier forever

B said...

Hi Chinmayi,

The one habit that I find most worrisome in many Indians these days is "Apathy". Any other problem can be overcome but not this.

I admire your sensitivities and despite all the pains one goes through...we have to retain this capability of getting hurt. Else, we are just another rock.


Sonia said...

Love and agree with the comment left by anonymous up there.
There will come a time in your life when you'd realize that no problem is worth frowning about.
Hope you'd attain that level of 'elightenment' soon. :D
"Live simply,Love Deeply..Laugh often"
Life IS really as simple as that if we choose to keep it that way. Hope all's well, dear. tc.


EsKay said...

Welcome to the reality - truely harsh world!! It is part of growing up, i guess everyone goes thru one time or another. More you expose urself, more hurtful you become.

Perhaps you are trying to bite more than you can chew as if there is no tomorrow. Some people cant digest that.IF u think u are being honest and truthful to urself, u shdnt be perturbed by what other say or do to you.Because you believe in yourself and god.

Always beleive that things will only get better...

Think out of the box. You will take pity of those who hurt you...

Afterall we are all the same kind.

Hariharan said...


I very well understand what you are going through since i have faced this situation before...there was a time when i was a happy go lucky guy and had lots of friends..but one inident in my life changed everything..it brought about a whole change in my dictionary for the words trust and friendship...i have not recovered from that incident even now though it happened around 2 years before...but i am tryin to move on and forget it..One thing it has done is i even have doubts trusting my newer friends knowing very well that they are good. At that time i had nothing to change my mind on...but u have ur voice and music...so my humble request is try to overcome this feeling wid the help of music and set higher targets in that field...

Looking forward to a rocking year ahead from Indail Haza and Chinmayee.

All the Best


Anonymous said...

Hey do not trust anyone.Everybody in the world is equally bad/good.Do not express yourself to anyone.Thats my policy.Hence no expectations/no disappointments.I have faced enough in my life.When I am around with some people I keep listening and I remain mum.I do help a lot of people with which I am happy and content.Only "HE" is the ultimate in the world of "MAYA".Do believe in HIM and carry on yourselves truely which will give you peace :).

selva said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I am selva and i am not very found of reading blogs but i swear your is awesome words with very high thing and especially "you know". The below lines are very true and gives me more energy to aim my target.

"No matter how tough things might be, trust yourself, trust your choices and decisions when they perhaps landed you in hot water, own up and get into damage control. And do not regret that you decided to do something. It had to come to pass and it is OK. Trust in the creator and if there are times that seem difficult, though I pray for you that you may never really have times that are very difficult - they could perhaps just skim the surface and show you a "Jhalak" but no more - hold ground, do the right thing and may God be with you."

let me say one thing and finish it off... here after what ever it may happen ,i will read your blog ..

thanks for the wonderful line..


Kaushik said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Some deep reflection. Just a small thought, the tendency of the mind is always to hang on to the negative. Just think about it, you always doubt the positive things & one negative comment, the mind clings on to it immediately. If you can realize this, you can easily overcome anything. The doubt arises from the mind and almost always goes against the Gut instinct but in most cases, we end up going with the mind. Meditation would definitely help. hope this is useful.God Bless!


பட்டாம்பூச்சி said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Could understand the seriousness of the problem that has troubled you.
Just remember that "This also shall pass".Nothing is meant for ever.
Have your mind at peace.


Nisha said...

Hi Chinamyi..

I have been a regular watcher of ur blog..I am sad that you are going through hard times..It happens to everybody, we have to just learn to live with it..lets be optimistic even about these hard times..these hard times do contribute to strengthen ourselves from with in..

And chimayi..i was glad that I have got back aaha fm (from the new website that streams it - learnt it from ur blog, Thanks for sharing the information!)..but the new ad on aaha kaapi club says that it is going to be hosted by some one else?

Unknown said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I am straight talking person, always forthright. I want to be honest and straight forward. I have always been that. But we live in big bad world, who take advantage of people's innocence and uprightness. But I always believe that GOD is there supporting every action of ours. Also he is there watching other's people action and there deceit. You should believe that this is kali and they will get back if they do something wrong.
Also even for myself, in our company we have an option of expenses. Even if I claim only 2£ as extra , I loose 20£ by paying some fine. SO i have realised whatever you earn in straight forward manner sticks to you. Also GOD is only with Straight forward people. Although people might be tested we should believe things will sure be better. So Trust your instincts, be good and trustworthy things will fall in place finally even though it might take little longer.

I have realised this myself but i think people are tested for betterment of the individual.


S.Kumar said...

Hi Chinmayi, Really shocked to find-out from Aaha FM that the kaapi club is to be hosted by someone else. firstly it was the Super singer in Vijay TV. ! What's going on? Let this not disturb you. I will be happy to see you as a VJ in some TV show (please do keep us updated on that!) and more so would be excited to hear your heavenly voice on songs. Please do more songs- if possible of your own album and I am surer its going to be a mega hit.
May GOD bless you!. Please do visit Puttaparthi for Peace and divine help!

S.Kumar said...

Hi, See the link:http://www.chennaitvnews.com/2009/06/chin-up-chinmayi.html
Its interseting. May be it is the destiny that gears her up the next level in the heavenly musical world! away from the politics of RJ/VJ ing!
We wish to hear more music and less noise! and so await chin to rock!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

to Kumar: Your comment and your write up is very touching. Thank you very much for your kindness.
All the collective prayers and blessings should make me break new ground.

பிரியமுடன்... said...

Your Viewers statistics says One Hundred Thousand! It means am i the One hundred thousand and one? All the very best Chinnish! Still crore of people may view your blog! God bless u and your blog and viewers...ha..haa....haaa....

Dhanasakthi said...

Hi Chinmayee,

I sometimes wondered, with your outspoken mentality, you might invite unwanted intrusion / threats. But that cannot stop anyone's ability or their performance..

Go ahead but with caution; Plan wisely to avoid troubles as they affect our real tasks/plans.


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Dhanasakthi: I have never received threats or intrusion. But I stand for values ethics and justice. I have not stayed at places where I thought justice or ethics have been compromised and nor do I associate with such people. And yes, those people. whose primary problem is with their conscience have given me enough and more trouble. But then I cannot be bothered with that. To bother with them is not my business in this world. Its something way better :) And the Universe is with me

SHAN said...

Dear Chinmaye .....

This UNIVERSE is with you allways Chinmaye .Go ahead with full cofindence and dont care about anything we are with you allways ...



Gayathri said...

Hey Chinmayi,

I am confident that "this too will pass" for you. Our good wishes are always with you. I am a strong believer of the fact, whatever is good for you will NEVER leave you. Maybe, whatever happened now could be a blessing in disguise. There is definitely something great in store for you. May God guide you through tough and good times, always! Remember, tough times bring us closer to God! Please pray more and everything will just be fine!

Cheer up Chinmayi! :)


Nivedita said...

hey you quit Aahaa FM? I tuned in to Aahaa Kaapi Club today for the first time, but heard Malini on air

jishu said...

Hai akka,
I was really worried,i didn't hear your voice in 91.9 akka,I heard someones voice and thought,it was just the ads that comes in between the shows.Really can't digest your absence akka.Our's favorite Airtel Super Singer,Aahaa kaapi club both lost its beauty.The remaining is ur blog,dont give up that too akka,but what happened is all for some good reason.Wishing Happiness in ur mind,success in ur work!

Rauf said...

hi chinmayi,
After a long time I got up early today and so eagerly switched on my radio to listen to aaha kaapi club. Only to be disappointed to hear someone else hosting it. and when the RJ called it 'the new aaha kaapi club' I was more than disappointed. shocking! wats happening?!
Well its really sad to not have you hosting the show. Wish you good luck in your future endeavors. God bless

Ram said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Normally I don't comment but it is really disappointing for me to see that you are not hosting Aahaa Kaapi Club. And as if to add insult to injury the evening show "Rahmania" is also off air and i hear the same comical voice of Malini instead. God!!! what is happening to AAhaa FM.

Swamy Srinivasan aka Kittu Mama said...

Dear Chinmaye,
I started liking you mainly because of your voice and also have great trust in you that you are a very genuine person. Till date, I've held this trust, even though I don't know you or you don't know me. This is one kind of trust where I'm not going to be hurt if I've to change my mind about you (I hope not) but its not going to hurt me much. But as you've described, if someone whom we look upon or think like gods are no more trust worthy, yeah, it obviously creates a crack in our heart. What happened to you many times has happened to me also and I've been living my life with the only person I can trust, which is JUST ME. Yes, it is an ultra dramatic world where every human being acts 100 times a chevaliar sivaji or a marlon brando. I think, not to expect from others (be it wife, husband, sons, friends etc.,) is the safest platform to lead a smoother life. Expectations/Trust are the root cause for all disappointments but being a human, I'm not able to bypass that thought. Even I'm clueless & helpless.

I also want to trust them all(like you mentioned about the basic makeup) but I also know that anything out of compulsion is not going to work. I've been making my mind to be neutral and the moment we start liking a a person, I think its kind of viral. coz you never know when the virus is going to hit you back.

Seriously, this is one topic where I feel like writing a lot but don't want to bore you to hell.


Vishnu Priya said...

hi chinmayi,
wat u said tat ur blog is a mirror,tats very much true.and once u said in kaapi club tat,as soon as u woke up u'll look at the mirror and will hav a broad smile,wishing the whole day will go on well.even am following it now a days.even though u hav more hurtings u and ur mom hav climbed more heights and u hav more to go.
Life is Beautiful
I dunno whether i hav age to wish u.But i hav my heartiest wishes for You to hav all success in ur endeavours.

Anonymous said...

hi Chinmayee,so incidental.. i was in a depressed state of mind and what you have written feels me that I am not the only one.. well..
thanks chinmayee.. i feel lot better ...
on a second note.. chinmayee why malini fills your place whereever u quit.. airtel super singer now aahaaFM ./.. hmm..
take care.. my wishes and prayers...

MADHAV said...


Only now I realized you are off of Aahaafm too. I thought you had taken off for a week or something! What was I thinking??!! Its certainly a loss for us. You didn't turn up for the Super Singer finals too. My mom and I were wondering why.

Pls do comeback with some nice innovative show on Star Vijay coz they are the only people who give interesting and good shows.

Best wishes for a great breakthrough ahead.

yaadayaada said...

Aaha coffee club is not the same without you!

AshWin said...

Looks like, some better horizon awaits you.... everything is stopgap, and this should be no different.... and you certainly belong to higher intelligence group .
Cheer up.. Have positive people around you, dont respond to negative people/comments .... We still can see stars in the Night .. :)
cheers ..Ash ..

Arun said...

உலகத்தை நேசி ஒருவரையும் நம்பாதே..
உறங்கிய போதும் ஒரு கண்ணை மூடாதே.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey chinmayi,
If you hold a 5 kg weight for 1 min, it wont hurt you. If you hold the same for 10 mins, it will hurt you for sure.
Surrender to god and chant his naamavali. No one other than god loves us so much> next are our parents. Mom's instincts is the best instinct. Thalaikku vandhathu thalaipaagai oda pochu nnu vechukkalam:)

You are going to be rememeber me for this :).
We are blessed with something by god.Memory loss and wandering mind. Trust me, you are not going to feel the same way in another 2 days. This poor mind cant remeber what we did exaxctly at the same time yday.

You are gonna be fine soon.Dont have hatred feelings /anything against anybody who has betrayed you or somthing. World is Unfair.

Learn and move on.

- Geetha

Athan said...

If I may say this..."U will pass this too as u had passed many other upsets in ur life"...Look not at what had gone wrong...look at what 'this' had taught u n be wiser the next time around. Be grateful to this exprecience n be proud that u r still standing tall despite 'this' upset. Cheer up Chin...what is journey of life if not for a few, around us back stabbing us...:-)

Samba said...

You can't trust anyone but your parents in this world.

Not because people are devious, but situations force them to be.

I got this feeling on reading this post. At times, You may have wondered "Is he/she doing this because of jealousy?" In your case, at least definitely once. But take it from me, that will never be the primary reason to betray anyone. There will always be a more practical and realistic reason.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Shibana: Thanks :)
Dhevi: Thanks
SG: Will remember that
Santhosh: :)
Viji: I guess everyone knows the right and wrong but they just decide to make the wrong choices because it is convenient at some point in time. But such decisions have this thing of biting back :)
Rajesh: Thanks
B: hmm
vaish: Hope you are doing OK. Take care
Anonymous: Thanks
kas: true
Sridhar: True.. and I am working on the miles now..
Sandy: Thanks
Sundari: :) thanks
Sriram: :)
Cute cadre: thanks
Shan: Thanks
Jeeva: I wont be
poori: thanks
krishnan: No. I am not into reading his work and I have absolutely nothing to say since I have not.
Vinod: :)
Srini: In the process :)
Maddy: Just a pinch. Not more :) Have had enough salt for a lifetime for now ;)
kalpana: :)
Archana: Yeah they can be that way. I have been. What can I say, my mom and have lived that kind of a life. And we are an example.
Anonymous: :)
Maddy: quite a show!
Anonymous: Well thanks for the note and telling me twice :)
Taurean: :)
Vikram: Not into tweeting yet
Jishu: thanks
Vanitha: I hope he is and its probably time for Him to start acting also
Pragmatic: hmm.
Anuradha: I realize it already. Thankfully I didn't need 10 years :D perhaps 10 days was more than enough
Priya: I have no idea myself :D
Pavitra: you are always welcome. May you lead a good life
Venky: :)
Anonymous: Suffering fools is what is given ain't it? Gotta suffer them. There are too many around ;)
karthikeyan: :) Yep.. am gonna try to be the best I can be. Afterall there is only one me for now
Kothai: :) I have not fallen to be too weak to stand, just lost my balance a while. And even if I do fall, there is that song "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you can never keep me down"
BP: thanks
Sonia: thanks
EsKay: I am actually biting less than I can chew for now. I am that kind :D And yes most people don't digest that.
hariharan: :)
Anonymous: :0
Selva: :) thanks
Kaushik: hmm good point. Noted
Padma: Will do :)
Bob: thats right
krithika: :)
S Kumar: :)
Priyamudan: :) thanks
Abdul: Thanks
Srinivasan: Thanks
Vishnu Priya: Thanks :D
Meena: Coincidental . that's all :)
Madhav: Thanks
Yaada: Like I said, nothing and no one is indispensable.
Ashwin: Thanks :)
Geetha: And yes I have :) Thanks
Athan: thanks :)
Aswin: You are actually giving me an excuse for rather, rationalizing deviousness?
I do not think any situation or anything at all should be utilized for swerving from the path of justice. That's a very easy excuse to give. Circumstances forced someone to take a path that will inflict trouble into someone else's life. I wont and will never buy that from anyone. I think I can pull out any number of such excuses but I won't because that is not my path. Actually that should not be anyone's path but then I am not Buddha. Practical realistic or whatever I believe people should be straight forward enough to lay their cards on the table and get into an open disagreement. Whatever it be. Agree to disagree and go your separate ways, live and let live. But that is what is called an ideal world nowadays. And ideal usually means far-fetched.

Athan said...

oh my...u know Chin...I didnt expect u to respond to my blog especially after learning how big a star u r last night. After sending my comment, I kept browsing the net for ur songs n it turned out u r a huge stuff...u r big star! How I missed u all these time is non sensible! Maybe I dont get radio in my caves!!!... Anyway,its really thriling to receive respond from u. I enjoyed ur Tera Bina n kathal thell thell the most. I love carnactic n fusion numbers..wonder if u had sang anything of this genre??? Oh yeah...have u heard of this singer from France Susheela Raman. It keep playing in my head how would u sound with her songs. She fusioned some tamil numbers n she sounds really brillant. Check her out sometime ya. U take care.

Athan said...

and...:-) after reading ur last comment...I like ur attitude too beside ur singing:-)...seems to me u r a beauty with a great talent n a good amount of brain to accompany it n right attitude to excel both above.:-) U sure to be bigger than life itself in no time Chin. Keep ur chin up Chinni:-))