Thursday, September 03, 2009

Crank calls and judgments

For once we decided to not sit quietly on these crank calls that I keep getting from random numbers and informed the authorities. A warning does work wonders. Over several months and weeks some weirdos call. Mom usually tells them that we will tell the authorities and that would be enough. This time we really did it. And the apologies followed.

Probably pretty soon I will ask for help from the Cyber Crime cell as well for some comments that seem to come from some IPs and this has been coming for more than a year or perhaps its two. I wonder what is it that makes someone use the kind of language that I get to read sometimes. Every post gets a comment like that.

Now please don't tell me that its a side effect of being a popular person. Like I have said before, someone's freedom to swing their hand stops where the other person's face starts. And if some people have forgotten their manners then perhaps its time to remind them.

After reading so many reviews, discussions and protests on Sach Ka Samna, a show, which goes about asking people to come forward to literally bring the skeletons out of their cupboard for the entire world to see, by answering 'just' 21 questions truthfully, curiosity got the better of me and I actually sat down to catch the show.

I have read on so many T Shirts, perhaps you have read it too. "Its not a crime until you are caught". And under this veil of anonymity, of their wondering who will know , with a devil may care attitude sometimes and who will notice, it is quite a revelation on the kind of things people say and do. Mostly a popular person would be scared to do most of what a common man does for fear of blackmail to extortion to anything else.

And I also wonder what it is that makes someone who is presumably leading a happy life to answer questions which can put his/her life in a mess. There were reports in the paper on a couple who played out this game in their homes and the man committed suicide as he could not handle the truth. Why would people willingly walk into quicksand. Or maybe it is not quicksand. I would never know and perhaps no one will.

So many different kinds of people around us and I have also read this in some magazines. To let sleeping dogs lie. At least in a lot of cases.

On a tangent, after that post on the 23rd August, I got a few comments which said that a celebrity should be a role model to the society. It got me wondering there as well. Why the demand that a celebrity should be a role model? Perhaps it is not in their scheme of things to be and do. As I have said several times before I blog on what comes to my mind, I do not go back and edit. And I happened to ponder on this as well. Maybe all that a person who became someone that we could recognize from the sea of faces that we come across, wants to do is just go further in his career, do better work and lead a life in his own terms. Why should he answer (not that he might be) to what our demands on him are? Perhaps Sach Ka Samna is what Reality TV is all about. They say art imitates life. And if this is anything to go by, movies are not corrupting anyone. More often than not they are plainly stating facts on celluloid.

And maybe the common man is not so interested in a popular person as he is in his own life. People are busy leading their own lives that no one really cares what happens even next door. I once knew a person who was such an optimist who kept saying that people in the world are too busy to be doing anything bad to us. I know from heresy and experience that there some beings that take it upon themselves and waste a lot of time in figuring out how they can ruin someone else's life. But then, he was an optimist. I would rather be a realist who can wear optimistic glasses sometimes.

My blogs, thereafter reading the comments that a reader (you, perhaps) takes effort and time in keying and publishing it here, watching and hearing so many things around me makes me want to take a decision time and again. That I will not judge a person. No matter what.

I happened to watch these videos on Facebook. Perhaps you might have seen them already but happened to love the commercials and the thought process behind that.

With this let me wish for you that you may not be judged, especially if you find yourself in a pickle and may you enjoy the relief that it brings about. The relief that comes about when you know you get total acceptance when you want it.
God bless.


Fido!! said...

ennamo sollara onnum puriyala... probably its intendended only to those who need to understand it... newayz heard ur latest from aadhavan. i liked it better than than gibberish starting song of karthiks... unni had sung amazzing... nice song... are u coming to the US anytime for a show?

Arun Vaidyanathan said...

"Why the demand that a celebrity should be a role model?"
Not a demand... But, can you stop your fan following??? Now, there is, may not be the usual case, but there is a likely tendency that when your so called idol/star/whatever in a film, does something that catches your attention and may want to try it too. Well, if the result was something good, so be it many times more. What if it is bad? For example, SMOKING / DRINKING...This is not to claim that celebrities do not reserve the right to live their life... It is perhaps just a thought that such scenes may be avoided being shot or screened. And, if a celebrity could be a role model, which isn't a demand either, there's nothing like that. Well, this is all just a thought. No offense meant to anyone. Great day!!!

Anonymous said...


Nithi said...

wow , loved those videos

Sathya said...

Really a nice blog Chinmayi. i somehow feel that celebs shudnt be made role models. i wud luv to quote Mahatma Gandhi's wesome line ' first be the cahnge, what u want to see'. its upto to the individual to change himself/herself than to follow celebs. and if u note, fingers finally point right back to the celebs for anything goin wrong cause of their fans. Even superstar rajnikant gets under scanner for on screen smoking/drinking...but has he anytime on screen asked his fans to try all this stuff, but entire **** is behind him everytime...its pure hypocracy...end of day, it every man for himself in this world, it shud b left like that...

A Man in NPK said...
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Vijay Narain said...

Isnt' it human nature to be judgemental about anything and everything? I mean, isn't that how we like or dislike people in our lives? By "judging" the way they behave with us, or how much they love us or pretend to? Isn't judging the reason behind the opinions we form about other people and things? And aren't we entitiled to our own opinions?

I guess we just can't NOT be judgemental. Neither can we prevent others from judging us. The key lies in saying "who cares a * if you judge me" and sticking to the people or things you love. As for celebs being because one is a celebrity, well...the words "who cares a * if you judge me' Will have greater reach due to the celeb status :P

And as far as sach ka saamna goes, well...I wouldn't blame the show or the people on it. Our society is fuelled by make beliefs under the guise of kalaachaaram and everything happens under an invisible cloak. Just that some decided to come out of it finding the money lucrative enough.

In the end we are a bunch of miserable blokes with secrets most of us would dare not reveal...when a show like SKS comes along, it reminds us no matter how good we are or pretend to be, there's no way we are pure, coz we're humans!

Life should be like a tarantino movie I say! Bang bang boom!

Vijay Narain said...

Also, this is with reference to your comment on Tom & Jerry a few posts ago. I doubt more than 0.023^987 people who watched it turned terrorist or even school bully!
It's the most fabulous cartoon in the world that should be watched by 3 yr olds and 80 yr olds alike!

If you say the violence in Tom & Jerry is going to set a bad example, then I beg to differ. Like I said, we have this habit of shoving things under the carpet instead of facing reality. SO that to the outside world or "society" everything appears hunky dory.

There is far more violence in the real world than you see in TOM & Jerry, and certainly none of it is inspired by a "Doink!" or "Splat!" on cartoon network. I think kids need to know what violence is, and KNOW that it's bad. And perhaps needed at some point in life for self defence atleast! I'd want my kids to know all this when they grow up, and not live in a fantasy world till one fine day they realize it was one big lie. And for this reason, I would be sure to send them to a proper schoo. Social interactions at an early age are extremely important to be able to manage later in life!

I bet the spanking kids get from parents/school are more likely to spur them into violent acts later on in life, than watching Tom & Jerry. And mind you, this situation was far worse in the "era" you have spoken about. Merciless fleecing was legal and accpeted as a way to bendu-nimithify! Perhaps the "hmmm" from the elders that you said would quieten things was in front of guests... what happened beyond the "hmmm" is left unsaid.

To sum up, Tom & Jerry rocks!! :P And poor Hanna Babera are dead! The world sucks, and it will no matter how hard you close your eyes. The key lies in opening them and seeing what you want to see :-0

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Vijay: You re welcome to differ. It is my opinion. And as for bring up children is concerned, only time will say what kind of interaction is necessary and what is not. I had a great upbringing and it was not the usual go to school, (I pulled out pretty early, and I also joined late) go to college stuff. And all that 'lack of interaction' with peers does not make me unhappy or less qualified.
As I said, when its the question of my progeny I would like to decide what I want to expose them to. And I am not too keen on Tom and Jerry. I think they can know what violence is if they just watch the news.
As for the era, I do not know if you or I have the right to comment too much on it as we were neither witnesses and nor have we lived then. I know of it from my family and what has come down to me as the wisdom of the ages, and what I hear seems good. I have also heard the not so good. It makes sense to me. At the end of the day, its ever person;s perception. What is right to me need not be right for you, neither am I asking for acceptance.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Arun: Strangely, the masses do not seem to follow their star when he does something 'good' Like helping the poor, or standing up for justice, or very simply just learning to be smart. All the concentration happens on that which is perceived as 'bad'
As for the whole judgment thing, it was about how a celeb should be allowed to lead their own life. These days even a parent thinks twice before he tells his kid to do something. I do not know how so many opinions are solicited by people on popular people and how these people go about writing to the papers and magazines and blogs on how a celeb should live. Like perhaps Vijay says maybe every popular person will learn to not care about who says what. I do not have anything to say about what should be filmed or not as even the courts have ruled that there is a creative license for a creator to do what he wants.

Maddy said...

Another good post and very nice words at the end of it. Wishes always.

Anonymous said...

awsum video! People who are looking for money, expose themselves for a price at Sach Ka Samna reality show. Similary celebrity expose themselves to gain publicity from the public. Once they have the public's attention they advertise their product be it movies, songs, etc. Allu Sirish in his blog admitted that they leaked videos of Magadheera to the public to gain attention to their movie. These days either people are business minded and dont't care for exposure to earn a buck or two but there are some honest living celebs who are argue about it.


jishu said...

gr8 LoL on seeing the first video..its true that we should not judge a person quickly..Agree with u"

Deepa said...

//Now please don't tell me that its a side effect of being a popular person.//

Of course not. You don't need to pay such a sickening price for being popular.