Friday, September 11, 2009

Music Engravers / Finale 2009

OK people. Here is something.
If you are a music engraver/ or know someone who is into engraving, and works on Finale 2009, let me know



குப்பன்.யாஹூ said...

thanks for sharing, chinmayi

Anonymous said...

Dear Chinmayi, from your profile I went to your Audio Blog and tried to listen to the songs posted therein. I think you jhave not renewed the subscription to Hipcast! The player is disabled and no song is playing. Just reporting about the broken link.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Anonymous: Its disabled on purpose. Just following the IPRS rules.

Anonymous said...

hi chinmayi,i am lover of ur voice.i dont know there is a blog as ur i find out ur blog.i want try to introduce myself.

Anonymous said...

What IPRS rules? I don't understand.

Ramyah said...

Sorry this is so not relevent to your post. But still i'm stealing this space to convey my astonishment on your voice in Nee Nila Vaanam song in Pokkisham. Though, you have mentioned the song before, i did not get a chance to listen to it, but had a chance to watch the movie yesterday and was completely bowled over by your voice. You have sung your portion incredibly well and expressive as your voice is an absolute refelction of the yearning of lover. Good Luck and please keep singing. tc

steve vignesh said...

Hello Chinmayi akka

i am posting comment here in this post, because its ur recent post naa so i guess u wont skip this comment !,1st i heard adhavan songs by seeing unni Krishnan sir name on that song album but i noticed a good feel with ur voice so i searched in google for ur name i stumbled in wiki page

i saw ur birthday date was sep10th ,so belated wishes to nice singer , then ur blog looks interesting, tell me why u have not updated any post about ur birthday

then i am psychology student, i saw ur favorite books psychology if u ever came across any interesting psychology book tell me i am happy to read it ,take care bye

Roshni said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I can't believe this message is actually going to reach you..!! I am sorry, this is going to be irrelevant to your post..
I just want to use this opportunity to say that you're an amazing singer! One of God's special gifts to the World of Music! :-)
Special appreciation for the song "Shakthi Vela" (Doordharshan Concert)! It is telecast repeatedly & I find tears streaming down my eyes every time I listen to it!!!
You're just too good for words, ma'am!

Anonymous said...

Where can i download/listen/buy/watch Shakthi Vela song from Doordharshan concert?


Unknown said...

Dear friend if u download or buy shakthivela song by chinmayi, please inform the link or alubum name. Thank u.