Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Releases - Engeyum Kadhal

Quite a few lately in Telugu Kannada and Tamil. Shopping Mall in Telugu, Minnal Minnum and a few more plus a song that I have been looking forward to ever since the day I recorded it. In Engeyum Kaadhal composed by Harris sir.
I sing with Harish Raghavendra after quite a while. One of our memorable duets was Noothana from this film called Karka Kasadara.
After singing this song, I felt in love with the world and yes that is quite a possible feeling. Working with Harris sir has been wonderful. Especially after Varayo and thanks to that song most of the awards were given to me, all credit and thanks to him. I can safely say a few more people began liking my work after this song. The audio is said to hit the stores tomorrow and the teasers that I have heard so far does not feature my voice. Teased me enough as far as I am concerned.
Also worked with Madhan Karky, the illustrious son of Vairamuthu sir in this song. Remember him walking in and was wondering who this college-goer was. Turns out he does go to University, but to teach! He happens to be a professor at Anna University. Lovely lyrics and he was also teaching us some new things about the iPad which had just come in at that time. After the recording, I also heard a few other songs of the album and a singer that is introduced anew is Aalaap Raju. He is a really good guitarist but makes his debut as a singer with this one. After I heard the songs I asked Harris sir how soon the album would release and all he did was give his trademark giggle. Soon, is all he could say. I loved listening to album and hope you do too.


Sashwath said...

I liked the chinmay Haris combination . . Will surely look for the song . . :) Lets see how many awards come for this . .

Sudhakar said...

I heard the duet sung by your good self along with Harish Raghavendra ,it was a pleasant one.Your voice modulation was good.

You rock !!!!!!!!

Sudhakar Haridass said...

I heard the song last night Nenjil Nenjil itho,the duet has come up really good.

Your voice was very different.

You rock !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chinmayi
Heard the song "Nenjil Nenjil" it is mesmerizing. I loved the duet and it's flawless. Harish and your gamakam adds flair to the cute romance.
The songs itself is a beautiful instrument combination with the Mridangam, flute...Is it the veena that comes before the second charanam?
I am officially in love with this song and hooked up.

Liverpool FC Fan said...

ya! This song absolutely mesmerize the people who heard it. It takes my heart.

Anonymous said...

hey Chinmayee, just a correction. This is not 'Aalaap' Raju's debut song. I am not sure which song that is, but do know, that he was part of the ensemble of 20 singers in one of the songs of 'Bale Pandiya'

Ruthesh said...

hi chinmay

nenjil nenjil has come up well. It is nice to see you maintain the quality. nice to see a good combination of our coll professor karky sir,u and harris. It is really very glad to experience this coincidence in my coll life.

Ruthesh said...

hi chinmayi

"nenjil nenjil" song has come up well let this song too win a lot more awards. nice to see you maintain the quality. really a good combination of our college sir karky, u and harris. I am really very glad to experience this coincidence in my college life

Unknown said...

hey really nice song... pleasant melody... ur voice is so sweet in this.... wow u rocked....

give us treat lik this ever....

Balaji said...

Song is simply superb, good work by Harris with flute, mirudangam, beat, veena and mixing of music after 3:00 music going beyond heart.

Harish Ragavendra and urself voice is very nice and gave new birth to this excellent song.. Keep going, Chinmayi

Anonymous said...

very frankly couple of things.

1. We had a debate on why the song worked. One side says its the way you sang the song. Some felt Kilimanjaro is still the top. Other Side felt it was Madhan's lyrics.

விழியில் விளையும்
மொழியில் எதுவும் கவிதையடி!
அசையும் இமையின்
இசையில் எதுவும் இனிமையடி!


2. We also felt the Mandolin(?) piece that features in the song was well done. Long after the Veena in narumugaiye or The Mandolin(?) in Malargale, this one is enjoyable.

3. It was just disappointing that this song just had a Loop in the Background. Not bad, but we certainly would have loved to hear more. Some say, its what the song required. I felt, we already heard that style in Sainikudu's Enthentha - which is a brilliant Harris number with Unnikrishnan, SPB et al.

Thanks for the lovely number.

Nithya said...

Really a very beautiful song... the lyrics and the composition itself... both of your voices just blend so well and enhance its lustre. Great going Chinmayee!!! Fell absolutely in love with the song.... Like am listening to it the 10th time in a row in a loop...Just one small request from my side... I would love to hear you sing ghazals. Please let me know if you have any such ghazal releases of yours.

Unknown said...

nice song :)


Naveen said...

Chinmayee...the Engeyum Kadhal songs r really beautiful!

Vijai said...

Hi Chin
that was a wonderful song....(ofcourse i never miss any of yours... :)
and after a very long time with Harish...!!
i like the "Velaiiiiiii.......jwaalaiiii..." vibrations !!

Prabha Balakrishnan said...

Nenjil Nenjil touched our heart with a cool breeze... Another Super song to you from Haris Sir.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Simple..yet..beautiful song.....trademark HJ song.

Father Tom Koottumkal said...

hi Chinmayi,
Das Lied nenjil vom Enganeyum Kathal.....ist super, toll. Ich höre immer wieder und wieder das gleiche Lied. Sie haben es sehr gut gesungen.
Verstehen Sie mich??? Ich bin Pater Tom aus Deutchland. Danke für Ihre Antwort zu meiner erste e-mail.
Alles gute und Gottes segen.
Bitte geben Sie mir eine Antwort,
Mit Gruße,
Pater Tom Koottumkal, Germany

Jaya, USA said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I heard the Nenjil Nenjil song. You rock! what a romantic feel in your voice! everytime I listen to it, i keep humming it all day! I have been listening to it everyday.. Harris's super composition and your lovely singing! Great going! love your voice and the way you sing..

Unknown said...

Nenjil Nenjil is mesmerising.Hats off.