Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Travels and music

If there is something called deafening silence, I heard it at Canada. All the time. Silence so loud that it wants to make its presence felt in your ears every milisecond of the moment. A silence so silent that you wish it would break the spell itself. The winter silence perhaps. Or perhaps the country as not so populated and milling with crowds and their melange of various thoughts through the day. Also because of the timing of my flight or whatever the reason may be, the thought kept coming to my head, while traveling to Canada, I was chasing sunset and on my way back home, I was chasing sunrise. A lot more times these days, I find myself silent and observant rather than wanting to speak. 

Anyway, that apart, I performed Kilimanjaro for the first time overseas at Canada with a really amazing head-dress that the group Agni had got for me.
Just so happened that they had made it in blue and it just so happened that it matched my clothes to a tee. Synchronicity or what!
The show was really well put together and I loved my sojourn there and finally made my way back to enough and more noise, typical Diwali style, even at the middle of the night back home :)
A lot more coming up. And Soon !


Anonymous said...

Real Canadian silence is walking through a forest on a snowy day.
And you should come to Vancouver. :D

Anonymous said...

Growing up in Canadian suburbs, I've learned the power of nature's silence for self-reflection. Moving to the city for a month, I learned to miss it because, without it, I couldn't think to myself. I couldn't ground myself in the silence of my surroundings anymore. I felt un-anchored.

At the same time, I think silence is relative... so I'd like to believe that someone reflecting in the heart of bustling Chennai, daydreaming, can be basking in the same silence as someone driving along a Toronto highway, daydreaming. Just a matter of what you are used to.

It's through traveling through different silences that we notice its change..

(PS great show! Glad you loved the headdress.)

Anonymous said...

If you are silent and Observe then the truth will hit you with a bang!

that you are a prisoner inside yourself!sad but true!

R-ambam said...

haa haa really nice dress ! :)

பிரியமுடன்... said...

Belated Deepavali wishes to you our south Indian Aishwariya Rai. All the very best. Hope enjoyed well your Deepavali celebration. Silence pls i want to tell you something..........ssshhhhhh....
bye ...bye.!Prem