Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Association with House of Talent

Things have been great on the work front lately and this blog is an announcement to announce my association with House of Talent. 

I have heard a lot of people in the recent past complain that they are unable to reach me when it comes to work, especially with regard to concerts. It also came to our notice that there are touts of sorts who charge insane amounts of money, without any authorization from our part to just share contact details for professional purposes.

Hoping this would put an end to all that. 


Amit MK said...

Chinmayi - you are amazing - multi-talented.. Great Voice - when i saw you dubbing for Samantha in Em Maya Chesave - I fell in love with your voice and always look forward for your voice whenever i watch any movies of samantha.

also now i have become a great fan of your songs in Hindi... I hope you become one of the greatest singers of the country. you are rocking.

Your Greatest Fan

Hari said...

You won the hearts of everyone with your voice in "Zehnaseeb". I get goosebumps even after hearing it for zillion times or so! Love you so much akka!

Unknown said...

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