Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shanthi Panchakam

Here is my rendition of Shanti Pancakam.

There were a few tracks I wanted to release and the Shanti Pancakam is the first of the few.

Credit due to Mr Hari Tirumalai who very kindly corrected the Sanskrit pronunciations.

Recorded at Seed Studios, Chennai
Sound Engineer - Hafeez
Music Produced by Prashanth Techno
Mixed and Mastered by Navneeth Balachanderan of TheRedPencilCompany
If you wish to buy, it is available on this link


Unknown said...

Superb rendition! Love your pronunciation. There is something magical about reciting and listening to these Sanskrit verses that fills one with peace (at least me). Best wishes for the future releases. Looking forward to them.

Anonymous said...

is it not Panchakam?

Dr. MCS said...

Excellent Rendition in your melodious voice..Superb Pronunciation..I hear it everyday for Mental Peace...