Saturday, October 24, 2015

American Express India (Credit Card) and they perhaps hire trained rowdies for bill collection :)

So here is an experience with American Express India that I need to talk about. 

Several months ago I had made a high value transaction *and* made the full payment into the card through NEFT. For some random reason that both my bank and AMEX haven't been able to explain, that payment had returned into my bank account and I didn't realize that my payment has returned, thinking one of the cheques I had deposited, has been credited. (Who ever heard of a payment made into a credit card returning into one's own account?)  

In addition, my AMEX card showed a zero balance for months and have received bills to that effect that there was a zero balance. I primarily use my card to make payments to translators. (AMEX is a card that doesn't get accepted by several merchants in Chennai either because their fee is too high or some vendors, like a local grocery store that is famous for serving expats, have not had their claims settled for several months)

After about 5 months from this said incident AMEX calls to say I need to make they I need to make the payment again and after several rounds of verifying with the bank and AMEX we sorted this out.

Now, there are times that my travel keeps my away from Chennai and I had told these guys that they need to give me an extended period by when I can make they payment into the card and where I am happy to pay the late fee. Simply because by the time the OTP arrives on the phone while you are roaming the prescribed 180 seconds are over. Sometimes overseas concert schedules last over 2 months away from India. I had explained my circumstances to the man dealing with us from AMEX when he was selling us the card. Plus my mother travels with me and no one other than her or I handles my financial transactions. 

It is unfortunate (in this context) that I developed a sort of a soft corner for the company, even though this card has insanely high fees plus doesn't get accepted at most merchants (even online) because I got mentored by AMEX for my US State Dept / Fortune program in NYC a few years ago and 

It just so happened that AMEX sent a typical rowdy type guy home to because my credit card bill was overdue. Not to mention he had an amazing style of using expletives to ask us to pay the bill. 

I hear there is a court order that credit card companies cannot hire people like this but since this is India, who cares about court orders?

Now that I am on terra firma, I cannot wait to end the relationship with AMEX. Severely disappointed and hassled, to say the least. So yes, stay away if you could, from AMEX cards (India).


nkn said...

Rowdies for bill collection?? �� if an highly professional ppl like u can face this kind of problem, how about the ordinary people??? Nightmare... cant file a police report against the company??

Prasanna Kumar said...

Ms Chinmayi...You can file a case on Amex bank for deficiency of service as well as your bank and claim for compensation up to 20 lakhs are more.

Dr. MCS said...

I too had issues with AmEx Credit card which I had been using for more than 10 years... have shifted to Citibank Credit Card.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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