Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ahh... for a NAME!!

As I see, coming up with the name is one of the toughest exercises, as something you choose is instantly pooh-poohed by someone or the other.

Now after so many 'brain storms' from others and a few myself, my own brains have stormed out and they refuse to work on the same exercise again. !!!

The reasons I have been given as to why keep Chinmayi Inc., is because, though it doesnt have anything to do with the work I am going to offer for now, first off I was given parallels, Ogilvy and Mather, Tata, Godrej, and not to discount the names of all the designers in the word, and so many 'who is who'.

Another one - if tomorrow, for example, we start desiging our own clothes, publish our own books, start a Hotel Chain, anything, it can go under the same name. And not go through the rigmarole of finding the name again.

Of course some have also said that its immature to name a company after you. As usual there are pros and cons.

Though I love TransGlyph, now I see that having Chin Inc makes some sense, but I have asked the brains behind designing my brochure to give me some alternates.

And in this case, after you have read through this post, please open the comments section and type away what springs in your mind, regarding this post :)

And I must thank everyone's individual brain storm sessions that they have done for me, like so many Anonymous-es, who came up with their own list/names. Highhhllllly appreciated :)


Chez said...

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to chose a name for the company.

Target Market: How the people in that market will identify and associate your company easily with the product u offer... i.e. translation. That's what you are offering. Its as simple as that. Keep it simple, understandable and also, it shouldnt be tongue-twisting! For a services company like yours, the name will be the most visible aspect. A good name stands for the services you offer, stands for ur personality and also should be long lasting... i.e, it should be remembered always... Like.. whenever someone asks a friend, "Are you looking for translational services? Go to 'Chinmayi's' or 'Transglyph'..!

Mode of entry: obviously, to any start-up, it would be easier to start with a social network you would have already established... i.e as a singer. People know you as a singer. The name Chinmayi rings well in all our ears. So, using your name fully or part of the name would help as... "Oh, by any means is that company related to the famous singer, Chinmayi??"

Professionalism: This also depends on whom you targeting... Locally, Nationally or Globally? Transglyph sounds awesome, but how many of the potential customers would understand what it means and how would they associate it with you or your services? Sounds like a Transglyph GmBh, some german company. Think Local. Yours is a start-up, an entrepreneur thing belonging to the services industry. Services are best identified with the people. Like Ernst&Young, for example.

Select a Tagline: Obviously, a company name cant say everything abt the service u offer... it can only identify you. You cant name your company like 'Chinmayi's Better Done Language Services'. Choose a simple name and then go for a tag... something like a tagline used after movie names.

To sum up, If I were you, I'll name my company as, "Chinmayi Transglyph" or "Chinmayi Transglyph Language Services" rather going for a Chinmayi Inc. or just Transglyph, with a number of tagline options as
"Better Done. Always."
"You speak. We communicate."
"Translation. You say. We do."

Think like this. A good strategy is what differentiate businesses. And company name is the first thing. Choose it rightly, you'll create waves! :-)

Good Luck.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I'll think tomorrow and come up with some names.

In the meantime I hope we'll get some more name suggestions from our bloggers.

Anand - Nice comment.!

Rags said...

Magnus Astrum good thought...your comment hit the bulls eye..

As for having your own name...IMHO A services company should always have a name synonymous to the primary service it provides. Own names are good to be used for in Tata or Birla Group.

Infosys,Cognizant, Satyam and TCS are well known brand names. They are not names of people who started it.

For the tagline how is this "We speak your Language"

Good luck on the name hunt...

Ganesh S said...

transglyph even doesnt have a single hit in google and i will suggest dont go for that name its easy for users to make spelling error and land in a diff site , i woulld say go with ur name they knw ur name world wide and then knw when the name chinmayi comes that means its related to songs and language, but sorry the website chinmayi is also taken

KRTY said...

rags, i've already said that tag-line :) Click here .. it is true.. great men think alike.. ;)

Chinmayi, bad idea to have Chinmayi Inc. :) Its all not just in a name.. nyways.. would try and email you some suggestion.
however it only matters how you like it. Good luck !

Narayanan Venkitu said...

1) Trans Techniques Ltd.
2) Trans Techniques Inc.
3) Trans Techniques India.
4) Languages 'n more.
pi is greek ( is it?)
yar is hindi/ramil
Square is english.
6) Language One Inc (Ltd).
7) New World Trans Techniques ( NWTT)
8) World of Languages Inc.
9) Convergence Technologies Inc.

More to come..!!

Arvind Srinivasan said...

Chin Inc :-D sounds nice !! :)

Kirubakaran A said...

Narayanan Venkitu - Wow! Although "PI YAR SQUARE" might not suit, it is one heck of a brain-storm... how did you think of it? You certainly deserve credit for this.

If I may, here is something vaguely related to the topic... My blog now sports translations :-) ... Check it out.

Ganesh said...

Narayanan Anna kalakarale

Kirubakaran A said...

We can understand how tough it is for you to name your venture, given the fact that you haven't even named you blog! :-)))

Anonymous said...

Hey Chinmayi
All the Best for Chinmayi Inc. and also for u r future plans.....
Hey by the way what happeend to the broucheres..Did u talk with the persons I referred..Update me


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Hi Mr. Narayan
Thanks a LOT. PiYar Square is cool ! But apparently I cant use INC. and all that. Convergence Technologies already exists. I have given these names to my copy writers.. will keep you updated !!!And for the info, ours is a Partnership Company, so it cant be called Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd. Mom and I love NWTT. :) Thanks sooooooooo much :)

Aakarsh said...

hey! any musical updates?

leanordmiller91425442 said...

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fesfus said...

Concentrate in u r first venture, but always chinmayi inc in going to Mother brand name, but for for your first project u have to think new name y not abt chinmayi trans glpyh inc... is it bhassansathra, what happened to it? Best brand u r service first...
then branding u r future big venture( any time in future u can choose chinmayi inc) but now could choose trans glyph...

fesfus said...

Concentrate in u r first venture, but always chinmayi inc in going to Mother brand name.
But for for your first project u have to think new name y not abt chinmayi trans glpyh inc...
Is it bhassansathra, what happened to it?
Best, brand u r service first...
Then branding u r future big venture( any time in future u can choose chinmayi inc)
But now could choose trans glyph... or even a new name...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Some more:

A2ZI Translations
ATOZI Translations
Words of World

Languages 'n more

Anonymous said...

thanks sooo much I wil field these too:)

Krish said...

Chinmayi, for all the names you are considering, please think about the domain availability also. Even though .in extensions are still available, it will always be useful to check on .com extensions to see if all TLDs can be booked at one go (to avoid domain squatters from profiting from all your hard work on a later date). So, go to and do a domain check-up as and when the name suggestions come in. Good luck :-)

Shankar & Parvathy said...

Hi, Some names which I thought might suit your translation service or if you go on to build your own apparel brand..

1. Elan Vitale - means creative evolution; denotes how living organisms have evolved, not just to something, but to always something better & intelligent (that will help them to surive!)

2. Metamorphosis, Reformation - very common, but yet I find them catchy

Rajesh said...

It is usual that many companies
that are big and famous are named after Latin... I dont know why ...but still..most of the company names have their origin from Latin.

So i tried the equivalents of "Translate" in Latin..which gave me these words...

1. Converto
2. Exprimo
3. Interpretor
4. Reddo
5. Transfero
6. Verto

Probably you can mix your name as "Chinmayi Exprimo" -- that can be easily spelt by any one..

For more indepth meaning of the above words..visit :

Hope this one looks from a different perspective to name your company..

Rajesh said...
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Viji said...

How about "In Other Words..."?

Anonymous said...

TranSlation Echoes
(catchy): We Echo, Translations!
Service from Chinmayi Corporation..
Oops did i said that!,
Anyway how is it?