Monday, September 12, 2005

I came across this article on Yasaswini's blog and she also has her say on that..was an interesting read.

Today was hectic with a lot of work to be done, catching up on stuff to be done back in the city.
Jet landed beautifully today. Not the plonk-on-the-runway repeat. Food was not great though.

It seems to be true according to the comment in my blog as to how the breeze in CBE makes someone sluggish and wanting to sleep the whole day. Thats what I feel like doing there!! Cuddle up inside the covers.. Bliss!!

And this seems to be the month of birthdays and weddings and wedding anniversaries to which we are invited to!!!! Almost about 10-15 different occasions.. juggling time is going to be difficult.. Wish there was a way to shorten the travel time in the city. As vehicles increase and roads become arterial its getting more riding on the clutch and the brake than stepping on the accelerator. End result is back ache, tiresomeness, weak legs.. Gosh.... the problem of traffic seems to be all round.. there must be a way to get this streamlined. If only someone can teach two wheelers to maintain a lane, and not keep zigzagging, and make sure they pay upto 1000 bucks each time they jump the lane, and not to forget the auto guys.

I read the Jet Wings magazine, in which there was this article about internet on the go... Internet 'cards' provided by Tata Indicom, Reliance and Airtel. These are more or less the size of credit cards, which can be plugged into your laptop. And you have a roaming internet account. Reliance and Tata Indicom cards are proced at less than 10,000 and Airtel cards are priced at around 12k. Now how advisable is it to go in for this?


Ganesh said...

pls mail check :)

Ganesh said...

btw get ready for flurry of comments :)

NO, its total failure of local,state and fed govts. A disgrace actually :(

My aunt and uncle lives in NO. They are all safe. Lucikly except for few wind damage, nothing major has happened to their house.
Since the entire city is evacuvated they cant enter still until late OCT.
Its all a mess right now :(

Katrina also brought out the disparity that is existing in american society.
More on this later.

B said...

When I had asked this 'plonking' question to a pilot they said that Boeing suggests a 'hard landing' for 737. However, when I notice the 737 landing here in the is always very, the credence to this 'hard landing' concept does not seem to hold water.

Anonymous said...

So is this card thingy another way of saying "indian hotspot"????

Ramo said...

With such a two wheeler population,there is no way to control the riders...

Even 1000 bucks will not solve the issue till our policemen takes 50 bucks for a let off...

Only alternative is to get a automatic transmission car and reduce the strain.

Anonymous said...

hei u have got a neat blog in here..good work..and the blog caption "WHATTONAMEIT" was cool!!

chk this airtel site for the cards u mentioned

Unknown said...

Traffic is an eternal problem thats here to stay! It's only the road etiquette and ethics that are to be changed, on the personal front.

The data cards that u r referring to, are very good indeed. I have known quite a few people who use them and are very satisfied too! Since it works on the provider's mobile network, Airtel would be the best recommendation since it has the widest network coverage in India.

Unknown said...

I recomend Reliance... Great billing and coverage. AirTel billing was poor u can't get a second chance on Airtel. But u can live a life..

R-Connect Key Benefits:

Working while you travel has never been this simple. R-Connect offers you benefits that make it easy to connect to work or catch up with friends no matter where you go.


Surf seamlessly in over 2200 towns (soon to be 5700) across India.

Access files and download information at speeds up to 144kbps.

Stay in touch by accessing mail while you're on the move.

Make and receive calls to any number in the world from your laptop.

Send and receive even multiple SMS messages from your laptop.
Address Book

Synchronise your address book with Outlook Express.

Say goodbye to bothersome copper wires and the problem of dial-up connections like timeout, blackouts and frequent disconnections.
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Follow simple instructions after installing the software from the CD provided to you.
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Stay online always at just Rs 650/- pm (upto 1 GB data transfer) without bothering about running up huge phone bills.

Anonymous said...

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