Saturday, March 10, 2007

Almost done.. home beckons

And we had an awesome performance today. I finally mustered enough guts to shake a leg..
In case I didn't mention before, this concert also had Mrs. S Janaki, Mr Mano, Shyam, Mukesh and Actor Santhanam. Shyam and Mukesh have an amazing stage presence when they go in together.
The music lovers in Sydney and Melbourne were highly responsive and I had a great time performing here.
This is Janaki Amma's 50th year in the Music industry and these set of concerts were to commemorate that. We have a final concert tomorrow, for Telugu music lovers and with that we head back home.
Tonight was thankfully warm. I saw that though it is sunny in Melbourne, as opposed to showers in Sydney, I still felt cold at most times.
Probably the weather here decided to be kind to me after all :D
This trip has been pretty good so far. Hope there will be more concerts and better concerts... :D
At Sydney we visited the Tower-360 degree view of Sydney, went on the OZ Trek, the simulated ride on Australia, checked out the Opera House (someday, and hopefully soon, I would like to perform there), went on the 'train ride' around Botanical gardens. This was a trackless train going, which started every 5 minutes from the Main entrance and had about 4 or 5 stops at vantage points in the garden. You could get off at one point and once you are done there, you can wait for the next train to arrive and hop on. The girl who 'drove' the train also spoke to us through a speaker system confined to the vehicle, and explained all about the fauna and some birds there. I also happened to see a lot of people on training session, mostly running and I saw some trainers, who I am sure are slave drivers.
We checked out the Melbourne tower here, the Observation Deck which gives a 360 degree view of the city, drank some coffee at the cafe there ,saw the video on Melbourne which lasted some 20 minutes, went into the aquarium, which was pretty good. It was a good feeling in that one where sharks swam above your head :D
We were also lucky to catch a feeding session where the divers went in and fed the sharks so that they dont eat the other fish. And quoting the guide who was speaking to us, expecting the sharks to tear people apart limb to limb is not going to happen. But what surprised me was when he posed this question, there were people who actually said that they would like to see a person being torn apart by a shark. I really hope, for my sake, that they were joking. So several types of eight leggers as well. Creepy crawlies and since they were ensconced in their cages, it didn't make my skin crawl. This was more or less the tip of the iceberg. There is obviously much to do in Australia, but we had time for this much alone.
Shopping didn't really catch my fancy in this country. But then I am not that interested in shopping anyway.
And I must say again, after like ages I got some eye candy. Doesn't look like there is any left in India, and definitely not in Chennai or in Bangalore, or in Mumbai.
And finally as long as it is music, I wish that it plays on!


Maddy said...

I am going to pull yr leg now, you say u enjoyed the eye candy in aussie land...was it the aussie men? none left in india?? is it?

well well

Karthik Murali said...

ur tour is really exciting
but my only advice is that visit the Mcg and Scg (Melbourne ,Sydney cricket grounds)
both are really a fascinating sight to watch
and do check out the museums inside them...

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

absolutely maddy... I stand by that!!

Madiya Rafiudeen said...

It was a gr8 show last nite at da monash bluckburn hall..u were simply superb frm da start 2 n a end..chek ur mail i attachd ur pic which s taken last nite..

balar said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Nice to hear that u had nice time in Sydney and Melbourne..
Any idea to post ur concert videos???.

Aboorva said...

Nice to hear that oz tour going well. I see most Oz men are good looking and tall. Awesome!!*/ Is it :). Don't forget to watch syd and mel. cricket grounds. Any idea of posting photo's in this session


Hi Chinmayi !
Ur blog is pretty interesting..
Ive never come across of an indian celebrity being open enough to write a blog..
Thats something that u shud be praised abt..
Well The best way to enjoy Australia is definately by soaking in the sun and sands of the beaches..
By the way have u ever Come to singapore ?
Sheetal Ambar