Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I have always needed support in my lifetime. I could never be on my own. I always needed an anchor. Or a pillar. My beginnings were humble. Not many thought I would be as beautiful today and that I would make a difference in the world around me. Save one. She took care of me. Nourished me. Nurtured me. And slowly but surely I grew. In spite of all her efforts, I didn't seem to me doing anything worthwhile than look for more support, ask for more, want more as ever. But she was unflinching, never impatient, always there for me. She gave me the right support, the right care, the right guidance, to grow and be what I am today. Slowly, I grew stronger, I was able to take care of myself a little better. If she went out on her work, and had other things to do, I could sustain. But I would not be able to get by without her. Her touch was soft as a whisper, and her love boundless. She seemed to give her all to me. I grew taller, for one and finally all her efforts seemed to be worthwhile. My roots were stronger. In the meanwhile, she went through changes in her life as well. She got married, and I couldn't see her for a long time. But I got by. In the garden of my life, I met many more people, who contributed to my growth. And now I am a somebody. But I look out for her. Dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn. And then finally one day she arrived, she didn't seem to have forgotten about me. And she had her daughter with her. A doll of a girl. She laid her small hands on me, and I reached out. Her touch had the same quality. As soft as a whisper. "Say hello, Blossom", said her mother. And for some reason she hugged me. Thereafter I stretched out and gave her mother the best of mine. The best of my blossoms. For I was a creeper, which needed a lot of care and needed to be supported at all times. And she was the one cared to give it to me.


V said...

Your blog beginning 'I have always needed support in my lifetime' is really very well written. Simply superb.

Plus I loved your rendition of Tere Bina and Mayya Mayya in Guru. and the tamil Mayya Mayya too.


ஸ்ருசல் said...

Hello Chinmayee,

How are you?

Looks like you have sung a song in Sivaji. "Sahara". It sounds like yours.

BTW, it's good. It reminds me Ennaku 20 Unnaku 18 'Santhippoma' song in the following line.

"Kanavo Nijamo.. Kaathal Manthiramo"


Bharath Kota said...

How're you doing ? :)

Parthi said...

are u the singer for sahana from sivaji? it sounds tooo good and my guess is its your voice...plz confirm

ஸ்ருசல் said...

Hello Chinmaye,

Not sure whether you got my comment I posted y'day. However I'd like to tell you again that you have done an exceptional job in 'Sahana'. I've listened to that song more than 50 times. Especially @ the end, 'Hoooooooooo Hooooo........ Ho' Fantastic...

And the variance you show in 'Noorayiram Aaandukal thaandiuim vaazhumithu'... line.

Also I heard that the final version is going to be with ARR rather than Udit / Sukwindar.

Vidya said...

One of life's wonderful gifts.

Tisai said...

I have made a resolution not to read your blogs when I am hungry.
My mind says "whirlpool, whirlpool".

Vishesh said...

nice blog!!i like the stories..it is quite imaginative and pictured well...keep it going cheers!!

Vishesh said...

nice blog!!nice and deep and thinking stories..loved them all..keep it going cheers!!

Unknown said...

definition of support system and/or 'living myself' is our choice and that's reflect our action.

Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice -- Ayn Rand