Monday, March 19, 2007

I saw you coming from afar. I had seen several like you. But you seemed different. Even at a distance. While you appeared in my field of vision. And while your form slowly took shape in my eyes. Here I was, unmoved over years. Nothing could really change me. I met with several things that had an effect on me. You seemed to approach fast. Yet, you seemed to take forever. You smiled. And suddenly you rose afresh, buffed yourself and you were taller than I envisaged.
And finally you met me. I couldn't help smiling back at you. I remember telling you that you looked familiar, but I am certain I had not met you before.
You sounded fresh. Deep. Then I heard you telling me that you took ages, to travel and meet me. A journey of several thousand miles, starting from literally nowhere and moving at a painfully slow pace. But it seemed worthwhile to you, or so you said. You did not have much time. You had to go back. Your friends were buying time for you. They helped you be with me. But I knew, you knew, it wont last longer. And I knew, you knew, you would return, but it won't be the same. You would have changed. Only a few minutes would have passed since I met you, and it already seemed like I knew you. Rather, I knew that I knew you. There were several people around me. My face was wet. And at that time you decided to leave, with a promise to return. And you left something in my hands, that I treasure, looking for you, and I would know when you come back to me, even if you are miles away. Nothing fancy. But it was a beautiful seashell. Of a pink hue. A hue I had never seen. You said that you had traveled to the depths of the ocean to fetch this one. I smiled. Then slowly you withdrew. I saw you leave. It would never be the same. I shall wait. If it takes forever then so it shall be.
For you... were the wave, that washed up on this shore.
And I still wait clutching the seashell between my hands, hiding it in the grains of my sands, that no one can see it. And shall wait forever, even though I know you will take a long time to come back to me, and our meeting will last but for a short while. But still...... what else does the shore have to do than wait for her wave?


Under Construction said...

At the beginning I thought that this fiction is all about your peace of mind towards the people who are close related to you whom you’ve left behind or been left. But after view verses I really noticed you imagination slipping towards the seashell and the reality of a life in a beach. I got the entire framework of what you were trying to say about you and the sea after an evening walk in the beach.

So this time you’ve earned my appreciation as it should be deserved to.

Keep writing

Dugi said...

I hope it was an Aussie beach and it was an Aussie guy.

Then there is hope of you coming back to us.


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

hahah durga..
I didn't go to a beach there... and unfortuantely I didnt meet any interesting guys there!!

matthew88 said...

Durga, why hope it was an Aussie ? I dont like Brain Drain / People Drain, LOL :)

btw, I like Abstract writings like this..

Tisai said...

"......what else than the share have to do than wait for her wave?" -- one of the fine lines I have never hear in life so far!

The flow is awesome!

Incognito said...

That was really refreshing!