Sunday, September 20, 2009


If I had to make an album what would you expect of me?
What kind of music? What would you advise that I should do? 
Let me know. 
Also I won't be publishing the comments in this particular post but the comments shall all be acknowledged if I come out with one. 


Anonymous said...

Please include at least a few Hindi songs in that album as well. Thanks and good luck :)

Wini said...

ghazals! :)

Karthick said...

I would be happy,if you could work on a album which consists of bharathiyar songs fully.As the songs are getting outdated, it would be great to listen with the great singer's voice like you.

Karthick S

Anonymous said...

hi'll b a real pleasure for us if u do a suggestion is hav some peppy western nos,some folk with western beats, a romantic song too. as the ppl who gonna hear pop songs is youth so do by their expectations.So we r waiting to hav one :)

Deepak said...

you are unpredictable...
the versatility you bring out in each song rips you from the identification factor!
I always wonder why you do that?
Like no one can identify that 'Miss You Miss you da' song and 'Oru Dheivam thandha poovey' were from the same singer! (Atleast the people I know didn't identify :-p)

But when you dub for films, Unnale Unnale,Sillunu Oru Kadhal,Modhi Vilayadu, people were able to identify your voice!

So my expectation would be, you singing in your normal voice, without modifying it...

I know that you would rock immaterial of the genre!
But I haven't heard you sing a rap!
Why don't you try that ma'am?

Anonymous said...

Something very soulful and outta this world!

Anonymous said...


Since you have seem to have a problem with titles, I take the liberty to suggest one too. Hope you don't mind! :P

An album called '360' that would be multi dimensional take on the soul of music, with a song for every popular genre of Indian music.

Love your songs. Wishing you Luck!

Arvind D. said...

one more of KANNATHIL MUTHAMITTAL... I wonder if that is possible. But really... nothing like it. I am catching up on your blog after almost a year... I hope I am not too late with my suggestion!