Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blue Elephant

And thats what our company for providing translation services is called.
Though the name was decided on quite some time back, I didnt want to put it up without giving a link to the website, which has stepped onto the WWW a few days back. The site needs to be fine tuned but that can be done in a while, considering the way I change my mind about a lot of things and the changes I have already made on the website :)

Anyway here it is.. and this time, Godspeed to me :)


Gangadhar said...

All the best,Chinmayi!!

Soundar G said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I was actually wondering as to what happened to your company naming thing! So, its "Blue Elephant". Thats indeed a very intriguing name! I WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST IN THIS VENTURE OF YOURS!

So, how did you arrive at the name? Just curious to know. Looks like, there is a big Thai restaurant chain in the name of "Blue Elephant".

Feedback about your website:

- Decent design (and company logo) to start with.

- In the profile section, the word "looking" appears twice (right at the beginning of the first paragraph).



Houseowner said...

godspeed, yes! and goodluck too!


My days(Gops) said...

Nice name... one of a Thai restaurant in Holiday Inn Hotel has the same name " Blue Elephant"

saraskathiresan said...

All the best Chinmayi

Aravind said...

Congras and all the best

bharat said...

Nice site. Thoroughly professional. Cute home page picture and a cuter logo. I read on an earlier post that you'd be offerin' subtitle services too. I see only document translation services on the site. Is it meant to be only a informative website or are you planning to make it a business website too? (one that handles online transactions?)

Good luck. Wish u much success for the venture.
PS- peyar kaaraNam ennavO?

~phobiac~ said...

All the very best !!...

checked out the site...very pleasant colours !!

and hey...why the blank space on the right side?... reserving it for somethin special ??

Anonymous said...

My best wishes with you always.

Jeevan said...

Hi Chinmayi, i saw the Pattikkaada Pattanama, it was very nice. every year in PP, the Pushpavam Kupusami will be on the opposite side, this year he was missing. how do u fell, with out Kupusami?

Ram Viswanathan said...


Congratulations & God Speed

Just browsed through your blue elephant site.. verify your 'contact us email address".. (you have a domain but the email address is to a .com domain)

IBH said...

Wow that is a very neat site!all the best with ur new venture...and I got to know the name from ur Hindu interview...

All the best again!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Mr ram: hav corrected it .. thanks

No special reason to chose the name. and the right hand side is empty cos I removed something and waiting for something else to fil up the space.

and yes I knew that the name belongs to a very popular restaurant chain.

And to everyone else, thanks a ton :)

Soundar G said...


I guess you missed to notice one of my feedback about your company website. In the profile section, the word "looking" (right at the beginning of the first para) appears twice (consecutively). It needs correction.



ஸ்ருசல் said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Wish you a good Luck!

I personally feel that the site can be still ameliorated.

Rename charges.html to faq.html and move the first question to second.

Logo is lookin great.


arvindh said...

I admire your versatility a lot - singer, translator, psychologist...the list keeps growing! Good luck with everything! The more diversified one's interests the more one is likely to live a full life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chinmayee!!!

Ur doing a great job in the studios and Super Singer. I am ur huge, huge fan and I make sure I never miss ur shows. I even saw "Samayal Samayal" one day when u appeared judge on it. Do you have any ID for fan mail? If you do, kindly post the ID. I'm sure all ur fans would be regular contacts. If you don't take it into consideration and create one. But whatsoever. I LOVE YOU CHINMAYEE!

Saravanaa said...

hi chinmayi,
u r doing gr8 job.can u post ur id for l help us to mak a touch wit u..thanks in advance...

Unknown said...

Hi Chinmayee
I always like dymamic versatile female personalities. I think you are one of the few.I like your versatality. I am going to follow you in tweeter too. Good luck. Btw: Your english is good. wondering where did you go to school.

madhu.g said...

@Ram Where is the contact address in the site?