Sunday, January 01, 2006

Staring up at the sky, looking for the stars to appear on a dark night... like some one took some tar and painted the sky with it.. no moon and no stars ..yet..

I keep looking and then *ping*, one appears and then *ping* another , and it seems like I point somewhere, a star appears and looks back at me "Hello Yourself.." and then like someone clicked their fingers the whole sky was replete with stars, each twinkling to its own rhythm, to a different note, to make an ethereal symphony which fails to reach my ears. I try and imagine, to see, to imagine what it could be like, who is the conductor? who are the players? there any music at all or is it the flight of my mind which for now doesnt seem to have anything else going round and round or in squares, or rectangles, whatever the shape may be? and I stare at one far away star which keeps winking, and I dont blink... it winks slower and slower, I still dont blink, my eye lids go heavy and then the star disappears from my line of vision. My eyelids shut down to my cheeks as if they were being pulled by an invisible string from my face. And when I open my eyes, its like Lo and behold and wow! The sky, stars, the breeze takes a different path... its wonderful to be able to look up without the moon screaming for attention all the while, and just see nice twinkly things, which somehow leads to feeling of peace and happiness permeating into you... and then somewhere in the distance.. a tweet ... and then a chirp and then a caw, the birds start singing their own tune, the trees sway gently to usher in the dawn, the cock crows to herald the arrival of the sun .. and on the horizon and golden and then rosy and an orange glow.. and then a zillion colours one after the other , shade after shade dribble in.. there is a nip in the air and my hands have been asleep for ages.. I rise to see the sun rise and even surprised to feel dew on my skin, clothes .. everywhere around me.. I smell the air, think the bird sings a nicer tune never heard before and the sun looks different.. the bud opens to smile upto this new world.. somewhere bells peal... I close my eyes, send a silent prayer above or below and beyond ........ the dawn of a new minute, a new hour, a new day, and a new year..

no matter what the air may bring, or what the bird may sing, whether the moon is high the sun feels nigh.. a new dawn gives the oppurtunity to be someone different, someone better, someone human and someone as a part of the cosmic dance and to be able to move in rhythm.. breathe in tune.. and when I am in harmony with the universe, I am the universe and the universe becomes me....

And the dawn of a new year to let us be in harmony with ourselves, within and without, with others and with everything .... may the Universe conspire with us to make our space, the space we occupy a better one. May the Universe conspire with us to bring a smile into everything. And may the Universe conspire with us and may we become the universe. and may the universe conspire to bring us all the elusive happiness and joy and peace of mind. Godspeed Good People
Happy New Year


Tisai said...


That is a good write up about the new year. Touching Touching.

One thing to note being a singer, you write everything with tune, symphony rhythm etc.

About 25% of the universe consists of "dark matter", and about 70% consists of "dark energy", leaving only about 5% of the universe visible to us.

Out of the visible universe, the only place (to our knowledge) life exists is in our Earth.

Yes. As you said, we are living in a borrowed time as well in a borrowed world.

I would say the space we stand is our future generation's space. Let us save this and pass it on to them.

A Society shows its spirit, when an old man plants a tree, with an understanding that he will never be living to use its shadow.

Happy New Year All,
Siva and Sumathi

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year for you too! I like this icture from the Tsunami Concert.

Anonymous said...

This year, surf the farthest galaxies and cruise the brightest stars :-)

Chinmayi, Wish you the Cream of the Best in a GrEaT, FuNfIlLeD and PrOsPeRoUs 2006.

Pandhu said...

Happy new year Chinmayi..
may you have nice songs coming your way...

Rathi said...

Dearest Chinmayi, Happy New Year! Have fun and thanks keep smiling always! With Love

vasukumar said...

hello chinmayi
Very nicely articulated piece about new year and dawn and related feelings. I wish you the very best for the year 2006 and beyond.