Friday, January 13, 2006

My Interview with The Hindu

Dated 13/01/2006 on the Friday Review section.

Have not been interviewed by The Hindu before and this is the first. Check it out here.

I got some mails regarding the Pongal Special programmes on TV, and yes I am taking part in the Pattikkaada Pattanama. Also the second part of the Kairali show will be telecast tomorrow.

Otherwise nothing to pen down for now :)

And Have a Great Pongal people.


Ram Viswanathan said...


Saw your interview in The Hindu today.. Congratulations..

Also, Congratulations on the AIR award.. didn't know about that one earlier..

Anonymous said...


Actually I saw the interview and rushed here to post abt it...But u had it already there...

Anyway, that was a nice informative interview of urs...not read one before.


~phobiac~ said...

hey ...yeah I read the interview !....

translation thats an interesting profession!!!

doin masters ?!?....where do u find time!!

Anonymous said...

hey priya here... read the interview in the morning... great!. the pic is also good. ok, apart from sun tv and kairali, i think even the vijay tv...sangamam is being telecast on this sunday. best of luck! happy pongal
luv, priya

unknown said...

hey chinmayi,
first time here..surprise...
can't beleive..
read ur interview in hindu...ALl the best for your profession..
u can reach me at my site...

Sriram said...

Summa pichu vangarenga..
Happy Pongal..

Jeevan said...

Hi Chinmayi, i read your interview in the Friday Review morning. u dont that your unforgetable events in life is meeting AR.Rahuman in composing the Songe from Kannathil Muthamittal and singing song in front of CM, Very nice memories. Wish You a Happy Pongal.:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Pongal to you too! Good Luck for your future projects!

Btw...I am not in to tamil film music. In fact I only listen to A R R songs (Tamil). Did you sing any song for Yuvan ? Also, did you listen to the song "Eno Kangal" from Pudhupettai ?

Balaji S Rajan said...

Chinmayi my daughter is addicted to your Deivam thantha poove.. song. I have mentioned in your audio blog. She is just 4 and half years old and clicks on to your audio blog site to hear your song. You have a great voice and we wish you a very bright and prosperous future on this Pongal day.

Nishanth_in said...

Hi Chinmayiji

What does a "Blue Elephant" mean? If its something very obvious then please forgive me as I have a very slim vocabulary of the English language.

Anyways,Good luck with you new venture and I hope won't get into it full time ;-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very nice Interview. Congratulations of your academics efforts as well. Didn't know that you are doing your Master's...and planning to do your doctorate.!! You are making everyone proud ( first yourself and your Mom :) )

Interesting to know that HariharanJI got you into Hindusthani.

Good luck with Blue Elephant translation services.!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Mr Narayan: thanks:)
Nishanth: nothing obvious.. was picked at random and as of now it does takeall of my time
Mr Balaji: thanks a lot :)
Krishna: havent listened to it.. will do.. have sung about 4-5 songs for Mr. Y S R
jeevan: thanks
sriram: thanks:)
ammu: :)
phobiac: not too tough !
Mugilan: thanks
Mr Ram: thanks:)