Saturday, January 21, 2006


If all goes well, I will be on Sangamam at 9:30 a.m. IST on Vijay TV tomorrow morning. Was supposed to have been telecast last week but there was a technical hitch.

This has had a lot of viewership lately, being telecast on sunday mornings and all that and this is one of the very very few shows where I have sung some Hindi numbers in a Tamil channel! :) And I love that!!


saraskathiresan said...

hai chinmayi
the programme is really superb. the songs singaravelane and thesuluvathae were very superb. you are really a god gift to us

Anonymous said...

hi Chinmayi

You were simply superb! Singaravelane, Kannathil mutthamittal, Pesulavudae - were first class!! All the best!

Santosh Jayamurugan said...

its something of the first kind that i saw u sing a hindhi number.........sounded soothing and pleasent........

Speech is Golden said...

First time in ur blog. interesting... to say the least. ur collection of pics were wonderful. Europe without doubt is a tourist's delight. Australia and NewZealand will have to be right there too, on top of the list.

Am surprised though that you had a concert in Zurich. I mean I didn't expect many Indians, esp Tamilians in Zurich. (or were u jus sightseeing there)

btw, why didn't you travel with Rahman when he was 'Down Under'? i would have given my right arm and ear to listen to you singing 'Oru Theivam thantha poove'. (i attended the Sydney concert)

And finally, congrats on ur 'Sangamam' show. my sister follows it closely. we spoke yesternight and she told me the show was very good. (i unfortunately didn't see it to comment abt it. one of the main things i miss abt chennai, apart from amma's cooking is TV). she even mentioned that u were the judge in some competition she participated in.

hope to see a lot more from u.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chin,

There is a pic of urs in the today's Add-On paper of the Deccan Chronicle..something to do with Fashion statements :)

U wear in denim tops and jeans :)

- M

Anonymous said...

Chinmayee, congrats. I echo few others opinions in that you should upload thesulavudhe, singaare velane as audio blogs here. Not all of us readers here, have access to Vijay TV

ILA (a) இளா said...

Programme was good though,
just a suggestion for you. Keep Smiling always, you are rarely smiling in the programmes(As i Have obsevered the same in all your shows)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Mr Saras: thank you

Bubby: thanks :)
Santhosh: thanks:)
Speech: thanks.... wrong person to ask why I was not part of Oz show. Rahman anna knows best :)
Anonymous M: did see it..!
vijay: will do ... dunno how feasible it is to upload video.. does it turn out well? and how long or short should a clip be for the best quality?

he he ila.... i used to have a hang up about my teeth which Iis why I ddnt smile much before.. and then there is always the nervousness. Will remember that.. mom keeps telling me too.. but thankfully I am better than what I was before

kp;) said...

hey chinmayi,
it was a grt show, n ur simply superb...nice to knw tht ur active online..btw, nice photoblog!

Speech is Golden said...


That Rahman knows best, I do not contest at all. Just felt bad that I wasn't lucky enuf to listen to you live.

Anonymous said...

Chinmayee, I meant you could just sing those songs some day, record and upload them as audio blogs, didnt mean video blogs from those channels.Thanks for considering.

Natti said...

I didnt get to see the show but have heard lots about you talents from family and friends. I love your song in Kannathil Muthamital. Really superb. Personally I feel it may your best til date. Combined with the amazing picturization from Mani Ratnam, this is one of my all time favorites. I did get to see the program for Pongal. You and your friend, seemed to make a good team. She was so very much trying to get the mike to you. (my sis found it very cute). So was it Pattikaadu or Pattanam in the end.